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Dec 31, 2011, 09:57 IST | The HitList Team

We interpret some of the quirkiest quotes from celebs this year

We interpret some of the quirkiest quotes from celebs this year

They said it in a moment of weakness in 2011. We try to find the hidden meaning behind the emotion. All in good humour, of course.

What he said: "So all those trying so hard to screw Mausam can go screw themselves �." -Shahid Kapoor
What we heard: With Mausam falling flat on it's face, my happiness right now is screwed

What she said: "I would want to kiss Deepika." - Priyanka Chopra
What we heard: I am on a goodwill trip. I hugged Kareena and I will kiss Deepika.

What he said: "I always wanted to be a porn star. I am going to work very hard, positively, with clarity to be a porn star. I will take my flag and put it up in America as the biggest porn star of the world." - Shah Rukh Khan
What we heard: Let me give some shock treatment to people so that they quickly forget RA.One.

What she said: "The industry went through a phase where a woman was nothing but a showpiece. It was all about 'Hit-the-gym', 'Get-into-a-bikini' and that became your role. I didn't want to do those roles. So it was for my passion for cinema and the will to do something different, that I turned to production." - Ameesha Patel
What we heard: Nobody offered me any role.

What she said: "Swami is hot, sexy. Haven't you ever seen his flat tummy? Bas ek baar shaadi ki mala unpe daal doon, unki aankh fadakna bhi band ho jayegi" - Rakhi Sawant on Baba Ramdev
What we heard: I am desperate. I don't know how to shock people any longer.

What he said: "I just heard a 150 crore firework fizzle." - Shirish Kunder tweeted about RA.One
What we heard: Guys stop teasing me about Tees Maar Khan now. It was way cheaper!

What they said: "Abhay Deol needs help." - Anil Kapoor

"Anil Kapoor is a waste of time." - Abhay Deol
What we heard:  We both need a life.

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