What to catch at Big Boys Toys Expo at BKC's MMRDA grounds

Oct 10, 2015, 08:00 IST | Hassan M Kamal

From funky scooters and 3D selfies to super cars and sexy customised bikes, the Big Boys Toys Expo at BKC’s MMRDA grounds, is every guy’s dream destination. Hassan M Kamal creates a wishlist that spells cool and drool

The guide1. Play poker at home!
If you have been looking to set-up your own poker table at home, Poker Stuff India is offering all poker stuff at the Big Boys Toys expo.

A foldable poker table mat by Poker Stuff India 

From Modiano Texas Poker cards (Rs 600) to Claysmith chip sets (R12,500 for 500-piece set) to poker table stop (Rs 25,000 onwards).
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2. Now, a 3D selfie
If you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror, this one might be what the doctor ordered: a 3D model of yourself! Jariwala Robotics Pvt Ltd and 3DPrintworld Pvt Ltd have installed a small 3D booth where they will scan a 3D model of yours and print it on a 3D printer right at the expo for Rs 1,500 (for a 9 cm monochrome bust) going up to Rs 9,500 (for 11.43cm tall colour bust).

A 3D scanning in progress
A 3D scanning in progress

Though, technically, this isn’t a selfie, as they promote it to be, it’s certainly worth a shot. Also, on display are a wide range of 3D printers.
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3. Super cool segway
Battery-powered self-balancing scooters first appeared nearly fifteen years ago, as Segway, but they haven’t gone out of popularity as yet. Well, the official Segway scooter is not here, but Freego, an Indian company is offering similar self-balancing scooters at Rs 1.5 lakh for the on-road version and R1.6lakh for an off-road version.

(Left to right) The on-road and off-road Freego scooters at the Big Boys Toys Expo

They can go up to 15km/h and are easy to balance (once you get the hang of them). Recharging takes around 6-10 hours, and its 36V LI-ion battery can cover 30-35 km distance (or 3-5 hours) on a single recharge. It’s powered by a two 100W motors under the hood. The Freego scooters come with built-in headlight and a digital speedometer at the handle.
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4. Customise all the way
This is an old Honda Unicorn, which is being customised by Zubin Design. Founder Zubin Ponappa uses scrap metal parts to give used bikes a new lease of life.

A foldable poker table mat by Poker Stuff India

The company does everything from paint jobs to customisation of motorcycles to fine tuning super bikes (using PowerTronic engine control unit by Race Dynamics) to make them suitable for Indian roads. Ponappa runs his bike workshop in Bandra.
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5. A scooter? A toy? Driftboard?
This cool gadget might actually earn the tag of the world’s most viral scooter. From Jamie Fox on The Tonight Show to Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Nicki Minaj or rapper Wiz Khalifa, to every geek at the Big Boys Toys Expo, everybody seems to have given this cool toy a shot. And they’ve loved it.

(Top) Livello’s IO series scooters. PICs/Sharad Vegda
(Top) Livello’s IO series scooters. PICs/Sharad Vegda

The funky scooter, brought by Livello, runs on two 300W motors, and can go up to 10km/h covering 15-20kms distance on a single recharge. There’s a built-in gyroscope inside the board, which adjusts itself to your weight, and moves forward or backward, depending on how you shift your weight.

A visitor riding an electric scooter by IO Walks at the Big Boys Toys expo.
A visitor riding an electric scooter by IO Walks at the Big Boys Toys expo. 

For directions, you need to press your right foot to go right or left foot to go left. It’s capable of taking a 360-degree turn, and can support upto 120kgs. It has a 36V, 4.4Ah Lithium-ion battery from Samsung that can be recharged to full in 2-3 hours in your home plug. Though, it may take some time getting used to the mechanics, once you get a grip on it, it’s a smooth ride. The Livello IO Series is priced at R55,000. There’s also the IO Walk scooter at the expo, offering the same piece (with same specs, design and IO logo on the board) for R60,000. Whether you’re keen to buy it or not, give it a shot.
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