What to expect at Mahim's Citylight market for Gatari Amavasya

Aug 13, 2015, 08:13 IST | The Guide Team

As Gatari Amavasya approaches, here's a slice of what to expect at Mumbai's famous Citylight market in Mahim

"With Gatari just round the corner, Citylight market is already in high preparation mode for the event (it falls on Friday, August 14). What is most striking about this market is that it has a big live chicken section, a bigger mutton section and a massive fish section, which on that day will be throbbing with action in the morning," informs restaurateur Meldan D'Cunha. D'Cunha buys produce for his restaurants from this market.

Kombdi vada
Kombdi vada

Roughly 150 kgs of mutton are delivered to 11 shops in the market by 5 am, and by 5.30 pm, the first customers can be spotted making their way to get the best cuts. D'Cunha tells us that families of the butchers come to help for the day with the wives looking after the till.

Jambul and Cherry Infused vodka, Tamarind infused vodka
Jambul and Cherry Infused vodka, Tamarind infused vodka

The action heightens by 6 am, when the broilers arrive. "Soon, a disciplined line of customers can be seen queuing up. Gaonti (local) chicken even though more expensive is in demand," he adds. The last of the livestock, the fish start arriving at 7 am. Fisher folk set up their stalls and wait for the fish to arrive at 8 am and by 9 am, they are ready for business. Unlike the chicken and mutton section, this section is chaotic, typical of a noisy fish market where bargaining customers create the ruckus," he signs off before readying to work on his menu.

Order from a special menu of Malvani Mutton, Kolhapuri Mutton, Chicken Fry, Mutton Hirva Masala, Kombdi Vada, Kolambi Masala and Mast Prawns Fry. You can also sip on infused Jambul Vodka, Imli Vodka, Kokum Vodka or Jaam Vodka.

On: August 14, 6.30 pm to 1 pm
At: The Local, Currimjee Building, MG Road, Fort.
Call: 22671421

Did you know?

Gatari Amavasaya is an informal cultural festival celebrated in Maharashtra. People consume non-vegetarian fare and alcohol before they abstain from it for the holy month of Shravan.

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