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Apr 09, 2012, 08:39 IST | Neha Taneja

PMC and pvt tankers spill water on streets even as city reels under shortage

At a time when people are facing an acute shortage of water in the city, it has been observed that water tankers catering to the demand from various areas are spilling much of their valuable cargo along the way. Though tanker operators blame water filling stations for not providing proper water level indicators on these vehicles, they still claim that the amount of water being wasted is negligible.

Can’t afford this loss: Water leaks on the road from a tanker on a supply run in the city

Everyday thousands of litres of water is transported throughout the city in tankers and the citizens have to pay through their noses to ensure that they get some. The city has around 10 water tanker refilling stations where the vehicles — those operated by the Pune Municipal Corporation as well as the privately run ones — tank up.

No level sensors
Absence of water level sensors or indicators at these stations and in the tanks mounted on the trucks, leads to major spillage during and after the filling process. Also, while traveling from filling stations to drop-off destinations around the city, water is wasted because of leaking valves and taps.

‘Can’t be helped’
An official of Garud Water suppliers said, “We normally take care that no water is spilled on the roads. Sometimes due to leakage in valves or overfilling, a few litres of water is spilled. But this is negligible.”

Water goes waste as a tanker tops up at a refilling station on Sinhagad Road. Pics/Krunal Gosavi

An official of Chain of Water Suppliers, which has six water tankers and operates mainly in Magarpatta area, said, “As there is no check at water filling stations to mark water levels, it usually gets overfilled and is spilled on the way due to bumpy roads. But the wastage is hardly four or five litres of water.”

Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak said, “Water is hardly saved by using tanker water. There is always wastage of water during filling, transporting and emptying at the destination. Water wastage is there in all three processes, which appears to be unavoidable. Tanker water only gives a psychological satisfaction to the consumer that they have an adequate stock of water to use.”

V G Kulkarni, superintendent engineer (water supply), PMC, refused to comment. 

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