What your TV viewing habits say about you

Jul 18, 2013, 11:35 IST | ANI

A clinical psychologist has said that what people do with their chosen device, while viewing TV reveals a lot about their personality

Dr Melissa Keogh said that a person who just views TV could be considered a ‘couch potato’ - a rarity nowadays, News.com.au reported.

She said that a viewer becomes a seeker when they use their computer, smartphone or tablet while watching TV.

Keogh asserted that the socialite are those viewers, who use their digital devices when they watch TV to chat and share info with their pals.

At lastly there is a doer, who is part Seeker and part Socialite, and shares all of their online behaviours.

She added the thing that set the doer apart was how they used their devices to get more out the TV.

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