Whatever I am today, it's thanks to my audiences: Manish Paul

Sep 11, 2013, 08:54 IST | Shakti Shetty

He looks tired and it turns out Manish Paul hasn't slept for more than two hours in the last 24 hours. Interestingly, the workaholic doesn't like to label himself as a RJ or a TV host or an acto

To him, he's an entertainer whose job is to entertain others. About to make his film debut, CS caught up with the witty 30-year-old on the sets of his second movie.

Manish Paul

Loyal to small screen 
I belong to the old school of sticking with television. I don't think just because I'm working in films now, I'll be quitting TV completely. Whatever I am today, it's thanks to my audiences. That said, I'm sure there'll be shortage of time in the future with my film commitments but I'll manage somehow to be on the small screen doing what I enjoy the most: hosting a show.

Promising city
I reached Bombay on September 12, 2005 with nothing to lose and somewhere down the line, I saw myself working in Bollywood someday. In Delhi, I used to climb on tempos and do live shows. Here, I started as a radio jockey (RJ) before moving to do serials. While I was at it, I never wished for an overnight success. I wanted to enjoy the entire journey and I've experienced days of disappointments like in 2008 when I was out of work for eight straight months.

Funnier bone
People keep asking me how come I crack jokes so spontaneously and I'm like "I don't know". I really don't know (laughs). But according to Sonu Nigam, who knows me since my RJ days, it's a gift. And that there's very little one can do about it. I agree with him because I believe in God and destiny. What has to happen happens. All I can do is put in my 200 per cent when the camera rolls. To me, as an artist, claps from a crowd full of strangers are the greatest motivators.

The better half
There's this misconception going around the industry that an actor should be unmarried to up his chances of success. I totally disagree. Look at me, I was nothing before I tied the knot with Sanyukta. She made all the difference. It was only after our marriage that I became serious about my career. We know each since our kindergarten days. She used to do my homework during my school days while I used to flirt around (smiles).

Big B effect
Amitabh Bachchan has to be my biggest inspiration. As a kid, I happened to force my mother to write Mard on my chest before going out to fetch milk from the market. I feel embarrassed today about the way I must have looked with two of my top buttons open (laughs). Then again, I've always been a fan. He not only showed us the heights a superstar can reach but also how one can pick oneself up after a downfall. In the process, he changed the way we host a television shows.

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