What's cooking on this tube?

Apr 15, 2014, 09:06 IST | Nevin Thomas

India's culinary diversity and love for variety on its plates are prompting talented chefs to experiment with alternative platforms. Recently launched food channel on YouTube, CottageChef Culinaire is one such that demands a dekko

Now India can boast of its own YouTube food channel. CottageChef Culinaire is solely dedicated to food and all things related. The one-of-a-kind initiative will include food and restaurant reviews, interviews with chefs, ingredient trails and book reviews, along with additional food-related programmes. The brains behind the channel are chef and food stylist Michael Swamy, food researcher and stylist Mugdha Savkar, chef Varun Inamdar, and food specialist Ganesh Shedge. Excerpts from an interview with Swamy:

Tea-infused Grilled Chicken by Michael Swamy 

Q. What was the need to build a web channel on food? How is it different from a TV channel?
A. Television requires a different approach where the true essence of food and cuisine take a beating. With our own channel, we aim to project food in its real essence — no drama, no game shows, and no pretence — just good,
honest food.

Q. What research was required for CottageChef Culinaire? In India, does new media have a great reach?
A. I have been working with television and films for a long time. In London, I have worked on several shows as a stylist and closely seen their workings. This experience has helped me in getting my concepts clear. Also, the people on my team are very thorough with their research on every subject. India is not behind anyone when it comes to technology and new media. It has caught on as one can access information and content any time with just a click of the button.

The team behind the initiative comprises Ganesh Shedge, Varun Inamdar, Mugdha Savkar and Michael Swamy

Q. What can the users avail from the channel?
A. The channel is not only about recipes but food as an art and science. It will help people appreciate and get them to think out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to food.

Q. What are your future plans for this channel?
A. The fact that we have launched an online venture and not stuck to television has given us a larger audience reach. With time, we will also be organising interactive culinary activities wherein people can spend time with us and explore food together.

Mulberry Chutney by Mugdha Savkar

Q. How did you create a team for this venture?
A. Most of my team has been with me for years. We have practically been living together and exploring, studying and breathing food. Also, we’ve been lucky as everyone on the team is multi-talented.

We think and operate as a unit rather than a group of individuals.

LOG ON TO www.youtube.com/user/cottagechefculinaire

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