What's cool about cold pressed jucies?

Jun 23, 2014, 08:41 IST | Dhara Vora

The healthy bug of sipping on cold-pressed juices has hit Mumbai with a new enterprise called Jus Divine. It offers fresh, non-preservative cold-pressed juices in bottles, delivered to your doorstep

Celebrities all over the world keep on popping up with fad diets and one of the latest ones that seemed to have benefitted many, is juice diets. But it's not your sugar-laden watermelon juice made by your local juicewala that's going to help.

Some of the flavours of Jus Divine

Cue in cold-pressed juices produced by an extraction process that does not harm the goodness of the fruits. Plus, the juice is delivered brimming with essential nutrients. One such new enterprise is Jus Divine, founded by 41-year-old Parel resident Vishal Jain, who quit his job with a leading investment banking firm to start his own juicery.

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“I had always wanted to get out and do something of my own. Last year, on one of my trips abroad, I came across the cold-pressed juice concept and thought of getting it to India,” says Jain.

Why cold-press?
The most common way of making juices is using a blender. “When you put the fruit pulp in a blender, the blades break the cellular structure of the fruit. And, you need to consume it immediately. Also, the machine generates heat, which further breaks down the delicate balance of fruits. With cold-pressing, you eliminate all these negative aspects,” assures Jain. In addition, their juices are free of any additives. Every 250 ml of juice contains half a kilo of produce.

Since the concept is relatively new in India, Jain had to import his cold-pressing machinery from the US for their plant in Ghatkopar. Jain developed the recipes with his working partner Nidhi Sharma, and has included flavours like Kokum (to please the Indian palate) and seasonal variants such as mango. On offer are interesting versions such as pineapple, pomegranate, celery, and wheatgrass. “We also had to include plain varieties of orange juice as everyone would not prefer the mixed versions,” says Jain.

How to order?
The bottles can be ordered through their website with a minimum purchase of Rs 250. They also stock their products at The Baker's Dozen, Pico Express (Bandra-Kurla Complex) and The Table (Colaba).

Log on to: www.jusdivine.com, www.foodesto.com

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