'When are the Diwali holidays?'

Sep 12, 2013, 06:49 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Schools and parents are asking this question as two circulars, one from the BMC education department and the other from the deputy director of school education, mention different dates

Two different circulars sent to schools from two different education bodies have caused confusion and chaos in city schools. According to a circular sent by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation education department, dated, December 28, 2012, Diwali holidays are to be declared from October 21-November 10, 2013. But if the circular issued by the deputy director of education, dated April 6, 2013 is to be considered, Diwali holidays should be from November 1-18, 2013.

School authorities are confused over whose circular, issued by two different education bodies, to follow

The BMC education department is an authority on primary sections, and the deputy director of school education handles secondary sections of schools in the city. School authorities are confused over whose circular to follow. Fr George Athaide, secretary of the Archdiocese Board of Education (ABE) and principal of St Michael’s High School, Mahim, said, “Yes, we have received both the circulars.

The schools are in a tight spot as to which one to follow. We will speak to the parents and discuss as to what is best for them. But, I feel that both bodies should come together in March or April and decide upon the holiday dates, rather than issuing two separate set of dates.”

Confusion prevails
Parents with one child in the primary section and one in the secondary section have a unique problem on their hands. When are the holidays? Dr Mudassir Lamba, the PTA Vice President of the primary section, Canossa High school, Mahim, said, “It is a humble request to the education authorities to clear the confusion on Diwali vacation for students, as parents with two children won’t be able to plan their vacations.”

Agnelo Fernandes, Vice President of the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA), Victoria High School, Mahim, said, “There was huge discussion on the different circulars in our recent parents-teachers meeting in school. Even the school is wondering when the holidays will start.” Fernandes has two children in the secondary section of Victoria High School and a daughter, studying in the primary section of Canossa High School.

Parents are not sure when to book tickets for their holiday. Seher Khan, whose child studies in a school from the central suburbs, said, “Our school has requested us not to book tickets till there is further clarity on the matter.”

The BMC education department, which was the first one to send the circular, has asked schools to follow its dates. While the BMC education officer R Bhise remained unavailable for comment, M B Kamble, the assistant deputy director of school education, said, “Schools should follow the circular sent by the deputy director school education for secondary sections, and for primary sections, they need to follow the BMC education department circular.”

Oct 21 - Nov 10
Diwali holidays according to the BMC Education department circular

Nov 1 - Nov 18
Diwali holidays according to the circular issued by the deputy director of school education  

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