When art imitates life

May 17, 2012, 06:50 IST | Soma Das

What happens when a man chances upon a painting that speaks to him and is eerily similar to his stage in life?

That’s the premise of Artist, Undone, a book by V Sanjay Kumar which takes you on a journey through Mumbai’s art world, offering a crash course on the subject in the process.

Artist, Undone by V Sanjay Kumar

The protagonist is the 40-year-old Harsh Sinha, who finds himself at a crossroads: on a sabbatical from his advertising job, while his wife wants a separation. Sinha ends up buying an expensive painting as a spur-of-the-moment decision, and in the process of selling it back, he chances upon the world of contemporary art and commerce.

The book, which is dotted by images of artworks at several turning points, is an easy read, thanks to the humourous tone of the author and his hilariously earnest friend-in-need Roongta. While the plot may not offer anything new, it offers a peep into the inside world of contemporary art that may be unfamiliar to many and teaches simple tricks of the art trade in a humourous manner.

Artist, Undone, V Sanjay Kumar; Hachette; Rs 495. Available at leading bookstores. 

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