When the Bachchans and Ambanis came calling...

Jan 15, 2013, 10:16 IST | Kunal M Shah

The entire industry had come calling on Mana Shetty as she unveiled her new store in the city.

And among the bigwigs, the presence of the Bachchans and the Ambanis was the most conspicuous. But we hear that it was Mana and not Suniel who was the reason behind their presence.

Bachchans and Ambanis

A source says, “All eyes were on Anil Ambani’s family and the Bachchan parivaar. Suniel enjoys lot of clout in the industry and has also worked with Abhishek in Refugee. But few people know that Mana is actually very close to Jaya Bachchan and even calls her JB Maa. Jaya considers Mana her adopted daughter.”

Our informers also add that Mana finalised the date of the store launch in consultation with the Bachchans.

Industry insiders also say that Shetty’s son Ahaan is friends with Anil and Tina’s son Anshul. An informer says, “They went to the same school and are part of a music band. Anshul is the drummer and Ahaan is the lead guitarist and vocalist. Thanks to this, Tina and Mana share a special rapport.”

“The Ambanis are so close to the family that they took out time to join the Shettys on their special day,” adds the source.

Suniel says, “This is all due to the relationship I share in the industry. The credit goes to Mana and they were there for personal relations more than anything else.”  

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