When Bollywood stars sported out-of-the-bed look on red carpet

Jun 19, 2015, 10:36 IST | Ria Lawrence

Ranveer Singh made a brazen statement when he arrived at an awards function dressed in pyjamas and a hat. We look at other celebs who wore what looked like their nightwear to the red carpet

If there is something about an actor that garners as much attention as their films and quarrels, it is their sense of fashion. Of late, celebrities have taken fashion to the next level and have begun incorporating quirky elements in their attire. So much so that in the name of being ‘funky’ or ‘offbeat’, sometimes it looks like they have gotten out of bed and walked straight on to the red carpet. Case in point, Ranveer Singh. He is known for his funky sense of dressing, and staying true to his style the actor hit the red carpet of an award ceremony recently dressed in Muppet jammies, fluffy Sylvester slippers, a red bathrobe, a black Charlie Chaplin hat and cane. Needless to say his out-of-the-box look stole the show. But, we wonder, why celebrities would try so hard to make a fashion statement? 

hitlist gives you a lowdown of actors who have turned their bedtime staple into a err...fashion statement of sorts.

Sushmita Sen

We would like to know who let Sushmita walk out in a bathrobe? The usually suave Sushmita stepped out in all her poise and confidence waving to the cameras and smiling in an awful red cloak that might pass for a night wear overall as well.

Shazahn Padamsee

Girl’s got guts to wear something of this sort to a prestigious awards function. This crumpled nightgown looks plain untidy and leaves zero hope for this attire. The overall look is unbecoming.

Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao

They say we learn from our mistakes, but we can’t say the same about Amrita Rao. This maternity gown look- alike dress is drab and doesn’t complement her figure. In fact, it looks like she attended a girls sleepover the night before and decided to wear the same attire to the red carpet.

Mallika Sherawat
Amongst the many cringe-worthy outfits that miss Sherawat has readily worn to various events, this one deserves a special mention. We don’t seem to understand what’s happening here. Is this a gown gone wrong or a bikini trying to escape? Your guess is as good as ours.

Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia is one actress who almost always gets it right when it comes to fashion. However, this was one of those rare occasions when she didn’t. This testy outfit is reminiscent of a bed sheet gone wrong. Not sure what she had in mind when she decided to do this to us. How the mighty have fallen.

Rani Mukerji
From the list of ladies who desperately need to hire a stylist, Rani may top the list. Her not-so toned figure in addition to this shapeless maxi-reminiscent gown is a disaster. There are ways you can wear satin gowns and even suits and make them work, but if you’re not careful, it might end up looking like lingerie.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

This is the past that will haunt you. The reigning queen of Bollywood usually gets it right, but this yellow dress with a yellow bikini top and a yellow satin ribbon around her neck could work well as a summer nighttime essential. But if you’re smart, you’ll avoid stepping out in this atrocity unlike miss Ranaut.

Satin, sleek, long and comfortable, Kajol’s gown has all the elements that would make for a good nightgown. The only saving grace perhaps is that Grecian belt and hair do. However, the dress is way too distracting for us to be noticing the good stuff. Even though we love her acting prowess, Kajol has been a fashion offender time and again.

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