When dudes read books

Mar 28, 2016, 09:58 IST | The Guide Team

They’re hot and they love to read. What began last year as an idea on Instagram to capture attractive bibliophines on New York’s subways, soon went viral. Now, the Hot Dudes are ready with their own book

With an Instagram account that started with pictures of good looking men reading books in New York’s subways, Hot Dudes Reading, with 8,20,000 followers, is all set to launch its own book. Excerpts from an email interview with the creators of the account (who choose to remain anonymous):

Q. How did the idea come to you?
A. We’ve always chatted about falling in love on our subway commutes, and organically began sending these pictures to one another. We noticed the hottest dudes always had books in their hands. So, jokingly, one of us mentioned we should make an Instagram about it. The account started on a whim as something to do on a wine-filled snowy day in February 2015, and now here we are.

Cover of the book. Release: April 2016. Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Cover of the book. Release: April 2016. Publishers: Simon & Schuster

Q. What was the criteria to pick your subjects?
A. There’s no criteria. Hot comes in all shapes and sizes! As long as they’re reading a good book and look good doing it, we want them in our book club.

Q. How did you manage to do it without being noticed by your subjects? Did you ever get caught?
A. We have to be very sneaky while taking pictures of the dudes, especially since the account has become well-known. We have definitely been caught before, and one person may have gotten a date out of it too.

Screenshot of the Instagram account
Screenshot of the Instagram account

Q. If you had to choose the hottest pic you Instagrammed, which one would it be?
A. That’s like asking a parent to pick out their favorite kid! We love all of our dudes. Every contributor has different tastes and personal favorites, but it’s usually the book choice that really pushes us over the edge.

Q. When you began this project, did you imagine it would become a worldwide hit? Are you planning to get ‘hot dudes’ in other world cities involved?
A. We have begun featuring hot dudes from other world cities in the Instagram account and will continue to do that as we receive international submissions. We love that the concept of ‘hot dudes reading’ is spreading. Anything to promote highly-literate hotties! I think we can say with 1,000% certainty that we never expected anything like this to happen. We were excited when the Instagram account hit 100 followers. But, for an inside joke about hot dudes reading to go viral, and then to actually write a book, not a chance. We’re a group of friends with normal day jobs that have somehow been lucky enough to land a book deal. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.

To pre-order the book, Log on to: Hotdudesreading.com

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