When the elephant god turns muse

Sep 21, 2012, 11:44 IST | Soma Das

With Ganeshotsav fever having gripped the city in full form, it's the perfect time to go pandal-hopping to gaze at beautiful idols of the deity.

While you are at it, we recommend that you visit an exhibition of artworks, inspired by Ganesha.


Titled Vignaharta, the exhibition features artworks by Nagpur-based artist Latif Khan, who considers the obstacle-removing elephant god to be his muse. The artist has created images using various symbols and a vibrant colour palette.

The paintings are also scripted with Shree Ganpati Atharva Shirsha mantras and feature Ganesha in various forms as the lord of new beginnings, patron of art and science, and deity of intellect and wisdom. Khan has predominantly used shades of saffron in his paintings to symbolise sacrifice, yellow to depict the rays of the sun, the colour blue to depict the sea and green to symbolise protection of the environment.

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