When the expert gets framed

Jul 13, 2012, 10:10 IST | The Guide Team

The photography exhibition, I Get By, showcases snapshots by seven emerging and established photographers from their personal archives. The collection of images acts as a visual diary

While there are several elements that go into making the perfect photograph, one cannot ignore the charm and earthiness that surfaces with spontaneously shot images. Inspired by this idea, the Art Loft in association with The Diesel Store, invited seven photographers for images and vignettes from their daily life and environment as the subject.

Title: Outside In! A Tale of Three Cities: 70s and 80s. By: Pablo Bartholomew This image by the award-winning photographer revisits Bartholomew’s life as a young metropolitan photographer. The image offers an insight into the social and cultural atmosphere of the 70s and 80s in India

A selection of images from the project is on display at the ongoing exhibition, I Get By. Pablo Bartholomew, Philippe, Tenzing Dakpa, Sharbendu De, Adrian Fisk, Sohrab Hura and Akshay Mahajan have shot these photographs.

Apart from recording the accidental happenings in the photographers’ lives, the images also offers a glimpse of the times we live in. While Bartholomew, Dakpa, De, Hura and Mahajan chose to focus on their personal lives through still images, Philippe and Fisk have recorded their wanderings and have used multimedia projections to draw a portrait of European and Indian metros.

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