When the hips yell "Hadippa!"

Mar 05, 2013, 01:21 IST | Dhara Vora

After Zumba, here's another type of dance workout for those who abhor boring gyms � Masala Bhangra. Dhara Vora signed up, and danced her way to a fun and vibrant session

Some might prefer sweating it out lifting weights in the gym, but for those who enjoy their jhatkas and matkas more than those dead machines, the dance workout comes as timely respite. A while back, we had test-driven a Zumba routine that mixes high energy with simple dance routines of various dance forms for an entire body workout. So, when we heard of Masala Bhangra, a fitness programme inspired by the lively Bhangra from Punjab, we had to sign up for a teaser.

Pic/Sameer Markande

Fitness expert Hetal Madhiwala conducted our session. It began with a warm-up to the beats of the dhol, sprinkled with a little “Oho! Hadippa”. Usually, by the end of a working day most wouldn’t have the have the energy to kill an ant, but the up-tempo music helped lift our mood; the stretching warm-up seemed fun. Post this, Hetal moved on to show us the first basic step, which should be easy to follow for all those who suffer from the two-left-feet syndrome. Unlike Zumba, where you dance to songs based on different dance styles, the Masala Bhangra steps were a lot easier to grasp.

Once we were taught six basic steps, we were ready to combine all of them to create a routine where we would have to dance to popular Bhangra numbers. The only difference between doing Zumba to a Punjabi track and Masala Bhangra is that you do a non-stop 20-24-minute workout rather than stopping between tracks; as if the DJ was spinning tracks on the loop for your workout.

This, we believe, might make it a tad strenuous for beginners, but Hetal assured us that one would build up stamina, gradually. And like a miracle, the routine went perfectly to the beat to a famous Sukhbir track and a popular Punjabi number from a Bollywood movie to. But fun aside, the steps helped us concentrate on various areas of our body — wrists, triceps, calf muscles and a problematic waistline.

On the verge of collapsing post the continuous workout, the routine ends with cool down exercises to calm your nerves after the pulsating Punjabi
josh. With upbeat music and different routines to help you work on various body parts, Masala Bhangra qualifies for a fun workout, and for those who are bored easily, and demand variety, there’s always Zumba.

Masala Bhangra
Experience: fun
Service: NA
Cost: value for money

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For Rs 5,700 for 12 sessions
At Frequencee, The Plaza, first floor, opposite Ghanasingh and Sons,  Hughes Road.
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