'When I marry, nobody will know about it'

Jun 07, 2012, 08:43 IST | Janhavi Samant

John Abraham talks about all the things that make him smile these days

Vicky Donor’s collected Rs 36.01 crore (at the end of seven weeks) and he has laughed all the way to the bank. But that’s not what John’s smiling about lately. He’s just heard good things from people who have seen the rushes of his portrayal of Manya Surve in a forthcoming gangster film.

“This film will be for me what Vaastav was for Sanjay Dutt. The Marathi speaking part is easy enough. Everyone in Mumbai can manage a kasa ahe, kai mhantos. It’s the transformation of the character that is mind-blowing. That is a career-defining role for me. It’s very different from what I have done before,” grins the actor.

Vicky’s success has also bolstered the actor’s confidence in his production acumen. “Vicky Donor has changed my personality from 2D to 3D. I know now exactly what kind of film I want to be part of. I want to make films that people will talk about,” he says with resolve.

Although the actor is currently busy with finishing the sequel of Race, he has on his plate six films to produce. The actor will be launching Jafna, a political thriller, Hamara Bajaj with Shoojit Sircar and Kala Ghoda, where John is also acting alongside Kunal Roy Kapoor, to be directed by Aditya Bhattacharya and some more.

So where is the time to get married then, we ask. “I am asking the same question. I am clear that I want to get married. Currently the challenge is to get the logistics of time right. But at the same time it’s important to plan your life correctly. It is a special moment and one needs the time and respect to do it right. After all, you are not marrying yourself are you?”

And if you were hoping that John’s wedding will be a big Bollywood affair, he growls a big NO. “It will be a very quiet thing. When I marry, nobody will know about it,” he declares emphatically then laughs at the impossibility of that statement. “My dream wedding would be at home with just three to four friends and my parents.

Without any disrespect, that big loud Bollywood kind of wedding is not our style at all. I am clear about the direction I want to take, personally and professionally. It’s not like I am shying away or anything,” he grins before he signs off. 

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