When Joker made Batman cry

Jun 06, 2012, 15:01 IST | IANS

Actor Christian Bale couldn't hold back his tears when he saw late actor Heath Ledger on screen while introducing the trailer of his new movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'

After watching a montage of Ledger, who played Joker in the film, Bale couldn't control his emotions and kept his head down as the audience applauded.

Batman and Joker in 'Dark Knight'

"Wow, great to remember Heath at that moment. Wonderful to see Heath Ledger there," said Bale.

Ledger died January 2008 due to an overdose of prescription drugs. He was appreciated for his acting in the movie 'The Dark Knigh' and also won the Academy award for best supporting actor a few months after his death.

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