When Julia Roberts met nine other Julia Roberts

Nov 15, 2015, 13:35 IST | Agencies

The actress was thrilled to hear quirky stories from her namesakes on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show

Los Angeles: Actress Julia Roberts was taken by surprise when she met nine women who share her name, on a late night talk show.

When she took the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! alongside host Kimmel for a planned introduction to nine women who share her name, the actress admitted she never really dwelled on the fact that there could be another woman sharing her name.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts. Pic/ Getty Images

“I guess I am self-centered and it never occurred to me that anybody else would be named Julia Roberts. I didn’t think no one would be; I just never thought about it,” she said.

On the show, Roberts came face-to-face through a live video conference to at least nine women who share her title across the continent. One by one, the women shared the unexpected conveniences of sharing a name with the A-list celebrity, including posh hotel rooms and convenient dinner reservations. However, being named Julia Roberts also had its quirks.

One woman from Canada told the Hollywood A-lister she recently took a trip to an ashram in India where they called her by a different name entirely. “Nobody called me Julia,” she shared. “They called me Eat Pray Love.”

Another woman, the oldest Roberts in the group, told the actress that having her name at times can be very inconvenient.

“They ask me to verify who I am,” she said of any occasion where she has to use her credit card or debit card. She often has to show her driver's license to prove that it is, in fact, her name.

The Mother’s Day actress offered an alternative approach to people’s doubts. “Say, ‘I’ll call Richard Gere and he will tell you,’” she joked.

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