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Sep 15, 2011, 11:35 IST | Akshata Shetty

Groove to a few Classic tunes as veteran singer Gary Lawyer stirs it up this Friday night

Groove to a few Classic tunes as veteran singer Gary Lawyer stirs it up this Friday night

His live gigs have always been a hit among the ladies. And this Friday, they can get a chance to catch him live again, at the High Big Gigs. Gary Lawyer will be performing with his live band featuring Christopher on guitar, Leo Matthew and Jeson on keyboards, Adrian D'Souza on drums, and Clary on bass, at the gig.

Gary Lawyer

The singer will play from a very wide repertoire of classics and a few originals at the gig, Gary expresses that he is excited to perform for the young crowd at the venue -- "Pune has a vibrant crowd. And it always becomes a celebration when I perform in the city. The crowd automatically starts grooving to the music I perform to. I don't plan it, it just happens."

Apart from his onstage performance, Gary is known for his soulful and baritone voice. Sometimes, he performs tracks written and sung by the great Frank Sinatra, while on other occasions, he belts out tracks by Elvis Presley.

Like any true musician, Gary's musical journey has led to six albums of his original music. But like he admits: "I am singer, before a songwriter. I believe it's the soul that sings. It's a gift and I am happy that I am known for my singing. Whatever I bring to people on stage is the energy that's in-built. I perform these songs because it moves my soul and not just because the audience wants me to sing it," he informs.

Though he feels that India at one time didn't have the right infrastructure to showcase original stuff, today with the Internet he has seen things evolve and change -- "I am not at all net savvy. I don't have a clue," laughs Gary.

Performing with a live band, he shares, "They are a lovely bunch of musicians, talented, and I wish them all the success. It's always a pleasure being with them," he concludes.

At High Spirits, Koregaon Park.
On September 16, 9 pm onwards

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