When Metallica is on, nothing else matters!

Oct 13, 2011, 10:39 IST | Sheetal Sukhija

Rejoicing over confirmations of the Metallica concert in the city, fans from across the country speak to MiD DAY about the band, the excitement related to the gig and share their joy at the feeling of watching their icons perform live on the Indian soil

Rejoicing over confirmations of the Metallica concert in the city, fans from across the country speak to MiD DAY about the band, the excitement related to the gig and share their joy at the feeling of watching their icons perform live on the Indian soil

Soon after the Metallica concert was announced, their fans went into a tizzy - the fervent craze gripped the city. But just weeks before the concert, a rude shocker was put out in certain sections of the media -- that the concert has been called  due to not obtaining police permission. Fans plunged into bouts of anger.

However, the organizing committee exclusively confirmed to MiD DAY that the concert is on track, all permissions have been sought! Debunking rumours of the organizers not seeking police permission, the  organizing team dived into damage control mode.
"How can the team not have sought police permission for an event of such grandeur? We have received all the permissions and the concert is on track. Fans should not be mislead this way," said a member.

So come October 30 and the city will wear a black look. No, we're not talking about frequent power cuts, but the Metallica fever that has gripped the city like a black enchantress. The highest grossing live band on the planet will take centre stage at Palace Grounds to please their fans with their all time hits.

The country's most popular musicians, fans and metal lovers who've grown up listening to the band and witnessing their many transitions, will descend on Bangalore to witness the Grammy award-winning band display sheer magic with their act.

The buzz about the concert is so gripping that one can walk down any street in the city and see not only branded showrooms, but even street side hawkers selling jazzy accessories with the band's logo,  wrist bands, T-shirts and caps at inflated prices.

When fans heard rumours of the band coming to town a few months ago, many scoffed saying a band of that stature wouldn't ever perform in Asia. However, when the band gave their nod to a gig here, a million Indian metal hearts growled in unison. "Given Metallica's popularity, we expect fans to come in large numbers for the concert and the band is equally looking forward to its maiden performance in Bangalore," said T Venkat Vardhan, MD, DNA Networks, the   agency that's brining the band down to India.

It's all about METAL
The band will arrive in the city a day before the concert and are looking forward to the mega event after being informed about the craze amongst Indians fans.
"We are excited about performing in places we never thought we would even in our wildest dreams," the band was quoted as saying to international media, when scribes expressed shock at their decision.

However, in a country with over 1.12 billion people, more than half the population went into a tizzy post the announcement of the concert. What's more, one of the country's oldest metal bands, Post Mark, from Manipur, is flying down to Bangalore, with support from their huge fan base, who have pooled in money to help their favourite band witness their icons.

"For years now, Post Mark has been the god of metal for us. So when their gods are coming down to the country for the first time, how could we not help them witness this rare sight?" asks one of their fans.

Meanwhile, city-based bands are equally excited about the show. "It came as a pleasant shocker to us. After Backstreet Boys last year, Metallica will hopefully make up for the disappointment.
We are all excited and geared up to witness the live act that would go down in history as the country's best Metal act," says W James, a musician.

While fans gear up for the show, the band is expected to take their Indian followers back in time, through their best songs. Fans from across the country are expected to throng city streets  in the last week of October. Most of them are expecting to taste mixed flavours of Metallica - hoping to hear St.
Anger (that almost led to the downfall of the band) and also stand head banging witnesses to Death Magnetic, musical history's most powerful comebacks - right here on the Indian soil.

World music's most powerful comeback
Metallica fans would never forget June 2003. The band released their eighth studio album - St. Anger, that left critics and fans shocked at the sudden transition Metallica was facing. Critics dubbed the album 'an utter mess' and others slammed the 'steely' sounding snare drum and the absence of guitar solos.
However the title track St. Anger won the Grammy Award for the Best Metal Performance in 2004. The band went through a very rough time and was almost close to fading away into nothingness.

However, in September 2008 the band created history by releasing Death Magnetic, that smashed all records and set new standards for all metal bands thriving at that point.

Death Magnetic sold almost 490,000 units and made Metallica, the first band to have five consecutive studio albums, debut at number one in the history of the Billboard 200.

A new album 'Lulu', by Lou Reed and Metallica is set to release on November 1.

The Metallica concert area at Palace Grounds would showcase a huge carnival for the fans to indulge in, till the band takes centre stage.

The band that will headline the act is being chosen through MTV's talent hunt show. Over 250 bands from across the country have registered to open the Metallica act in Bangalore.

The panel comprises the country's best musicians, who would shortlist eight bands. The chosen one gets to open for the gods of metal when they perform in Bangalore on October 30.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.ticketgenie.in or at select retail outlets at R 2,750

A Mumbai based Metallica fans' initiative, 'For Whom The Bus Rolls' has come up with an idea to bring together fans from across the country and travel to Bangalore to witness Metallica live on October 30.
The initiative is to hit the road, with loud music playing in the background and ardent Metallica fans to talk to, when the loud music gets too much to take. Fans can choose their route and pay their bus fares, depending on when they would come on board.

Log on to: www.forwhomthebusrolls.com

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