When Rajini meets Shotgun

Aug 19, 2012, 06:59 IST | Subhash K Jha

Rajinikanth will probably fly down to Mumbai this week to meet his friend, confidante and self-proclaimed inspiration Shatrughan Sinha

Rajinikanth and Shatrughan Sinha may have worked together only once, 26 years ago in K C Bokadia’s Asli Naqli, but they have remained close friends ever since. The friendship assumes even more significance given their recent health scares and stints in the hospital, as well as their perception in their fans’ eyes, who see their acting styles as splitting images of one another.

Shatrughan Sinha

A source close to Rajinikanth says, “First, it was Rajini sir who fell ill. Then Sinha. Throughout one another’s hospitalisation they’ve been monitoring each other’s progress through their respective wives.” Rajinikanth has apparently gone a little further. Based on his own experience during his illness and healing, he has given the Shotgun pointers on his post-illness diet and regimen.


A source close to Shatrughan Sinha says, “Since Shatruji’s hospitalisation, Rajini sir has been religiously calling from Chennai and asking his wife about his health. It’s not just about them being old colleagues and friends. Rajini Sir feels a close empathy for Mr Sinha because of their sudden health issues that landed them in hospital.” Now we hear Rajinikanth will be flying down to Mumbai in the next week or so to specially meet his friend. Confirming his impending visit to Mumbai, a very close friend of Shatru said, on condition of anonymity, “Both Rajini and Shatru are Sagittarians.

Rajini calls Shatru his Guru because he watched all of Shatru’s films when Rajini was a newcomer. Rajini has watched Shatru in Rampur Ka Lakshman 36 times to get a full grip on his mannerisms and gestures in the role. The two are very close to one another. Rajini was waiting for Shatru to come home from hospital. He will now be flying down to spend some time with the actor.” 

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