When Sonakshi avoided Kangna...

May 16, 2013, 08:59 IST | Kunal M Shah

Apparently, Sonakshi Sinha refused to come out of her vanity van parked at an event even though she was on the guest list

Though the invite for the day distinctly mentioned Sona’s name among the celebrities gracing the occasion, the actress apparently refused to come out of her vanity van parked at the venue and left without meeting anyone.

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha making her way to the venue....

And apparently it had something to do with the presence of another B-Town actress at the same party.

Sonakshi Sinha's mother Poonam
.... along with her mother Poonam

Our source says, “Sonakshi was not informed by the organisers that Kangna Ranaut would also be a part of the event. While she reached the venue on time with her mother Poonam, one of her staff members informed her that Kangna was also present at the event.”

Sonakshi Sinha
...Sona then enters the van and stays put there

Change of heart
Sona apparently was already looking irritated when she came in and lost her cool, even refusing to step out of the van in spite of the organisers pleading to her.

Kangna Ranaut

She didn’t exit the van until the event was over. Surprising, since Sonakshi is known to be extremely professional and people who have worked with her consider her as completely tantrum-free.”

Industry insiders say that Sona’s no-show could have been because of the two actress’ close connections with Salman Khan.

Turf war
The source explains, “While Sona and Kangs actually do not have any history, the bone of contention is Salman. While the actor gave Sonakshi her first Bollywood break, Kangna is known to be extremely close to him. It is obvious that both of them cannot stand each other.”

Incidentally, Sona apparently has been denying that she was ever present at the venue. The informer adds, “She has even told people she was never invited.”
We have a few video grabs to affirm her presence at the venue.

Sonakshi chose not to reply to our SMS. 

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