When US President Barack Obama's credit card was declined!

Oct 19, 2014, 08:29 IST | Agencies

Barack Obama revealed the incident took place when he went for a quick bite during the UN General Assembly

Washington: US President Barack Obama has revealed that his credit card was declined at a New York restaurant.

The 53-year-old US President told the crowd at the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently, that when he stepped out for a quick bite at a restaurant during a UN General Assembly, his credit card had been declined.

When President Barack Obama’s card was declined, the First Lady, Michelle Obama settled the bill. pic/afp

The bill had to be paid by the First Lady, Michelle Obama. “The restaurant staff believed that there had been some fraud,” said Obama.

As 100 million people had faced breaches last year, Obama has introduced a new data protection plan, in which all government-issued credit cards shall have an internal chip that will replace the old magnetic strips to reduce the potential for fraud and protect users from identity theft.

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