When you enjoy what you're doing, it shows on screen: Akshay Kumar

Oct 21, 2013, 08:34 IST | The Hitlist Team

Akshay Kumar talks about his latest release 'Boss'' that has raked in one of the star's biggest openings worldwide

Akshay Kumar’s latest release, ''Boss'', has received great response in single screens across the country. According to trade experts, the response received from the masses is similar to the success of Salman Khan’s 'Wanted'. Akshay’s portrayal as the larger-than-life character in ''Boss'' is winning him accolades from all over. His dialogues from the film have become popular punch lines, his signature rings are being sold across the country and his songs are topping the charts. In a conversation with HitList, Akshay talks about his new family entertainer...

Akshay Kumar in ''Boss''

Your new release ''Boss'' is ruling the single screens. How does it feel?
The reactions have been overwhelming. I am happy that everything we worked for is giving us the results we desired. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll realise that the character is loved by the masses. He is good at heart, his sense of humour is quirky and he makes his own style statements. I think somewhere these qualities have connected with the audience. I don’t think it is right to differentiate between audiences. I believe that all audiences come to watch a film that will entertain them — be it in single screens or multiplexes.

You’re looking completely in your elements. You can almost make out you were enjoying every bit of it.
When you enjoy what you are doing, it shows on screen. Throughout the shooting of 'Boss', even though I had read the script before, the nuances of the character kept surprising me. That’s why it was so much fun. I mean, this is a guy who needs music to get into the mood to fight; he has his own personal cheerleaders accompanying him; he jogs on top of trucks. These were all new dimensions that were added to the character by our writers.

All these aspects were not a part of the original Malayalam film, on which 'Boss' is based?
To be honest, we have only taken the basic story from the Malayalam film ('Pokkiri Raja'). Everything else has been changed. The entire screenplay is different. The idea was to take a very strong emotional base and present it in the most contemporary and polished manner. And I feel we have achieved that. The film is a complete family entertainer in that regard.

Talking about the film’s collections, it’s already been declared as your biggest opener worldwide.
I feel humbled by the response. It’s a great thing when you see the film being appreciated as much in Dubai and London as in the heartland of India. That means it has cut across boundaries and barriers.

The dialogues in 'Boss' are getting claps and whistles in the theatres. Did you anticipate this?
I am pleasantly surprised. We never intended to make this a dialogue-heavy film. I feel the character has worked so well that every dialogue seems like a punch line. I was watching the film with the audience a few days back. And at times, the audience was mouthing the lines even before they came on screen. That is the ultimate satisfaction for any actor.

Are you happy with the initial response to 'Boss'?
It’s been great. We released on a Wednesday. It was a part-holiday and we did some extremely good numbers. The film was rock steady at single screens even on the following day. It’s too early to speak about what level of success it will achieve. But I am happy. This is what we all strive for.

'Boss' is also one of your biggest grossers in the overseas market, if not the biggest…
Yes, it’s getting great reactions in all the markets. This is really a humbling experience. It is not like your typical masala film. It has all the emotional quotients. But the treatment is very contemporary. 'Boss' is a slick and stylised family entertainer. The action is slick. It’s a commercial and mainstream film presented in a polished manner. I guess that’s why it appeals to people everywhere.

The film also got a release in non-traditional markets like Panama, Peru and Denmark. Are you content with the response from overseas?
I’m very happy with the response. In the UK, 'Boss' was among the Top 10 films on the release day itself. In the UAE, it’s done some historic numbers. I’ve been hearing the reactions are great even in places like Australia, Germany, France and all the non-traditional markets, as you put it. It’s a great sign because this is an indication of the growing reach of Hindi films.

You had a special screening of the film for around 400 of your loyal fans. How was that experience?
It was unbelievable. They had come down from all over the country just for that special screening. They have always showered upon me so much of love and affection. It was unreal to watch them at the screening. They were screaming, dancing and enjoying every bit of the film. Some of them had got me some special hand-made gifts. I just want to say that I love them all just as much.

'Boss' is also probably the highest rated ‘masala’ film by critics in general. What would you say to that?
Thank you for the kind words and the love and support. 

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