Where Manto and Meena Kumari meet

Mar 26, 2013, 01:41 IST | The Guide Team

Kirdaar Art Academy, a homegrown theatre group, is hosting the fourth national Urdu Theatre Festival in the city. Rediscover Urdu figures from Saadat Hassan Manto to Meena Kumari with eight plays from across India

Come Holi and you can decide to unwind in a different way. Eight unique plays, handpicked from all over the country, will be staged as dedications to veteran theatre personalities — AK Hangal and Dinesh Thakur.

A performance still from Khala Kamal Ki

Starting from tomorrow, the performances will include Khol Do, a famous Manto short story that depicts sexual violence during the Partition era where a father is on the quest to find his estranged daughter amidst the chaos.

The Jammu-based Theatre Company — Samooh Group Production — would be enacting this most revered and oft-performed piece in theatre circles.

The host, Kirdaar Art Academy, will also be performing a Manto short story titled, Milavat. In order to gain a more comprehensive insight into the life of the multi-talented Meena Kumari, catch the musical docu-drama, Ek Tanha Chand, which hopes to showcase her as the famous actress and much-regarded poetess.

A still from Ek Tanha Chand that will be performed at the Festival

The festival includes participants from Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur and Jammu, thereby offering different takes on drama from various parts of the country.

The team behind the show, Kirdaar Art Academy, is a 28-year old theatre group that has consistently worked towards the portrayal of social causes and hopes to encourage likewise.

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