Which colour do you sport?

May 28, 2013, 01:36 IST | The Guide Team

A new study suggests that more men choose to wear red while playing sport as it might have to do with their testosterone levels. The Guide asked a few Indian men across professions about their favourite colour to play sport in � interestingly, the results didn't hardly favoured red!

Savio Mascarenhas, Illustrator, cartoonist
I LIKE IT BECAUSE: When i think of it, the colour has a soothing effect and relaxes my mind. I wear it for sporting events too, as it makes me feel more confident. It has a magical aura. Call me boring but I could own a whole wardrobe of blue T-shirts, shirts, jeans, bags and still shop for more!

Gimme red! The Manchester United team also called Red Devils celebrate a victory. Liverpool,  Pics/AFP

Dev Sukumar, Sports Journalist
MY COLOUR: Black, blue or red
I LIKE IT BECAUSE: I prefer not to wear lighter shades while playing because washing the stains off is much harder. Pink is a big no-no!

Ritesh Chedda, Photographer
MY COLOUR: White and black
I LIKE IT BECAUSE: It gives me a casual look as well as a sporty vibe while I am on the field.

Manas Singh, Associate, sports solutions group
Red or green
I LIKE IT BECAUSE: When I play football or any other sport, I prefer red because I support Liverpool. In football tournaments, often teams are randomly allotted jerseys.s Everyone rushes for red, white, blue, black, etc. In both tournaments that I won with my team, our team captain arrived late and we were allotted green coloured jerseys, the only shade that wasn’t picked. In both the cases we won those tournaments. I would usually wear red when I play, but now whenever there is a tournament, my mind tells me to rush for green.

Sunil Varadarajan, Finance auditor
I LIKE IT BECAUSE: I’ve always been a fan of blue, the colour of the sky as well as the Earth. It’s also India’s colour in sport. Besides, it means my name too!

What the study says...
The survey: 73 men were told that they would perform a competitive task where their performances would be placed on a leaderboard. They chose either a red or blue symbol to represent them in the table and completed the competitive tasks. The data revealed that men who chose red had higher baseline testosterone levels, and they rated their colour as having higher levels of characteristics such as dominance and aggression, than men who chose blue.
> Males who chose red in a competitive task had higher testosterone levels than other males who chose blue
> Choosing to wear red may, unconsciously, signal their competitive nature, and might affect how their opponents respond
(Information courtesy: Medical News Today) 

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