Businessmen upset at Commissioner of Police Ahmad Javed's no show at event

Jan 09, 2016, 07:40 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Mumbai top cop Ahmad Javed had promised to make an appearance at the Bharat Merchant Chamber's foundation day; however, he was conducting a Twitter chat at the time and failed to show up later

On the first day of 2016, when Commissioner of Police Ahmad Javed was communicating with Mumbaikars on Twitter, a group of eminent citizens were waiting for him to grace their foundation day. However, Javed failed to show up for the event, leaving the organisers and attendees visibly miffed.

Police commissioner Ahmad Javed. File pic
Police commissioner Ahmad Javed. File pic

Members of the Bharat Merchant’s Chamber, who were stood up by the commissioner, are further displeased with Javed because he did not even bother calling them or leaving a message to inform them that he won’t be able to make it. Members have alleged that Javed has not even replied to a letter they sent him after the incident.

The invite for the event, where the CP’s name is printed
The invite for the event, where the CP’s name is printed

The invitation
Rajiv Singal, a trustee said, “Every year, we celebrate the foundation day on January 1, with a chief guest. For our 25th year, we had the President who was the chief guest, while on our 50th year we had the Maharashtra Governor as the chief guest. This year, police commissioner Ahmad Javed was our chief guest.”

President of the chamber, Chandrakishor Poddar said, “We met the commissioner on December 24 at his office. We were there for over 15 minutes and he promised to come as a chief guest. We later printed the invitation cards mentioning him as the chief guest.”

He added, “We give a speech on the career of the chief guest every year. For the same, we even received a bio-data of the commissioner from their (his office’s) mail. The speech was also ready. Our guest of honour was ex-Solapur MLA Narsing Mengji. The venue was at Bharat Chamber Bhavan in Kalbadevi.”

‘Could have come later’
Everything was going great for the organisers. The whole Kalbadevi road was made traffic free and cops were heavily deployed as well. The members reached the venue before 4 pm, while Mengji reached by 4. Over 100 members had arrived for the function.

Singal said, “We were constantly trying to get in touch with the commissioner, but we were told that he was busy in a meeting. Later, we came to know from our friends in the media that from 4 pm to 4.30 pm he was busy with a live chat on Twitter, communicating with Mumbaikars. We understood that, but he could have come later.”

Managing committee member Narendra Poddar said, “We waited for the commissioner till 6 pm, but neither did he come, nor did he bother messaging. Mengji got miffed as well and left the function. The members who are business magnates in textile left highly disappointed.”

Poddar said, “We find it very embarrassing that a person like the commissioner is not committed to his own promise, neither is he bothered about the humiliation the other side will receive from their guest.”

Singal added, “The commissioner talks about communications with the common man on Twitter and this is the response given to the business class. What reply will he give to the common man then?”

The members also wrote a letter to the commissioner on January 6 about the same, but are still awaiting a reply.

Commissioner says
When mid-day contacted Ahmad Javed regarding the issue, he said, “On that day unfortunately there was some communication gap. I will respond to them.”

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