Whistleblower accuses MLA's workers of assault

Oct 16, 2012, 06:33 IST | A correspondent

Vile Parle police have registered a non-cognisable offence against unknown persons after a resident claimed that he was assaulted by an MLA's workers inside their office yesterday.

Sanjay Kode, a resident of Vile Parle, alleges that MLA Krishna Hegde had called him to his Vile Parle office to take back the complaint against an illegal structure, and after he refused to do so, Hegde got up from his seat and was about to assault him. Party workers present in the office then intervened and, according to Kode, they assaulted him in front of Hegde.

Vile Parle resident Sanjay Kode
Vile Parle resident Sanjay Kode (above) has alleged that MLA Krishna Hegde’s workers beat him up in their office yesterday

PSI Niwas Vidhate of Vile Parle police station, said, “We have registered a complaint under section 323 and 504 of the IPC against unknown people. We are further investigating the allegations made by Kode.”

Krishna Hegde

MLA Hegde has refuted all charges and stated that he does not know Kode. Hegde also said that Kode had several cases against him at a few police stations in the city, which also includes extortion.

Bone of contention
In the year 2010, Kode, armed with an RTI reply, brought to light an illegal milk dairy that was constructed over a manhole in Vile Parle (W). Subsequently, he filed a complaint with the BMC, but the civic body took no action.

“For the last few days, I kept getting calls from MLA Hegde’s office stating that he wants to meet me personally. Yesterday, he called me again asking me to visit his office,” said Kode. He reached Hegde’s office at 11 am. “When I went inside, Hegde asked me to take back the complaint, stating that the person who owns the dairy is a poor lady. But I refused, as it was illegal, ” said Kode.

Kode stated that an argument ensued between the two in front of more than 10 workers of the MLA. “He got up to assault me when his workers stopped him, and they in turn, assaulted me in front of Hegde. He also threatened me that he will file an extortion case against me.” Kode then proceeded to the police station to register a complaint. He also furnished a medical certificate to the cops stating that he was assaulted.

Meanwhile, police officers informed that Kode has been involved in a dispute with the owner of the dairy over the said property in the past.  

The other side
MLA Krishna Hegde said, “Kode has several cases registered against him at several police stations, including one at Santacruz for extortion. I never called him to my office nor did he visit my office yesterday. All allegations made against me are false and baseless. He [Kode] is doing it for publicity.” 

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