Who will win Bigg Boss 11? TV stars cast their vote

Jan 12, 2018, 15:07 IST | A Correspondent

Bigg Boss 11 is nearing its end as the contestants continue to fight it out in the last week of the show, we ask others from the TV fraternity who they feel will win the show

Jasmin Bhasin

Bigg Boss 11 is nearing its end as the contestants continue to fight it out in the last week of the show, we ask others from the TV fraternity who they feel will win the show.

Sehban Azim: Vikas Gupta, for being transparent all throughout, for not backstabbing, for not backbiting, for being as real as one could be on national television. He will win by not manipulating other contestants but be showing them the reality. For standing by for his team. He is also my friend and has been like this always, there's no mask on him. What you see is what you get.

Abraam Pandey: In my opinion, Shilpa Shinde is well deserving to win this title as she proved herself in all the situations. The other contestants are also strong, but I like Shilpa the best.

Sshrey Pareek: Shilpa Shinde for sure. She is the one who deserves to win as she has been playing her heart out. I feel she's playing honestly with a pure soul and her following is also superb. She’s entertaining as well and I am a fan too.

Gurpreet Singh: Definitely Shilpa Shinde. And the out of all the reasons the biggest one is that she is a very nice human being. I am saying this because I know her personally.

Ankush Bali: Shilpa Shinde as she has entertained the audience and has gone below the belt when it comes to fighting with anyone.

Jasmin Bhasin: Vikas Gupta, I think because he played really well. He entertained when required, performed well during tasks with his intelligence and never stooped to any dirty tactics.

Ssharad Malhotraa: I feel Shilpa Shinde will win. She has made her presence felt in the show with her take me or leave me attitude and has been honest.

Rohit Purohit: I feel Vikas Gupta should win as he has been the master player and played this game with dignity and very wisely. Moreover, he displayed all his emotions which never appeared fake. Plus the Vikas and Shilpa Shinde conflict is very interesting and that keeps me glued to the show.

Sneha Wagh: Shilpa Shinde will win and should win. She is most righteous and humane. She behaves her age and plays the game when necessary and with honesty. She connects with the heart of audiences. The way she has dealt with Hina Khan rationally is truly amazing. Shilpa is someone you want to meet and talk to as there is nothing fake about her.

Samiksha Bhatnagar: I feel Bigg Boss is not all about fights yeah I agree those who fight are visible enough and categorized as an entertainer! This season has been a bit different when it comes to choosing a particular winner. Amongst the current finalists, we don't have that stature of the winner if we compare from past season, nevertheless this time I saw Vikas Gupta played really well he cleverly used his brain and reached in top 5. He played almost every task intelligently. I feel he deserves to be a winner of Bigg Boss 11.

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