Why was Bipasha in a bad mood?

Jun 19, 2012, 09:01 IST | Jigar Shah

An injury could have been the reason why Bipasha Basu spotted in a rather foul mood during the rehearsals for a recent awards show

Stars and their tantrums! Recently, the usually bubbly Bipasha Basu decided to act pricey at an awards show in Singapore, and apparently even threatened to walk out of the event. Buzz is that her alleged bad mood could have been because of an injury she had sustained.

Apparently, Bips didn’t agree to the practice slot that was allotted to her, nor was she comfortable with her fellow dancers. Our source says, “She was allotted a 9 pm slot, which she refused.

She was even heard complaining to her industry colleagues about how the members of her dance troupe were not even up to the mark.” In fact, onlookers at the event tell us that Bipasha was in a very bad mood during her rehearsals and even looked pretty angry.

Sources indicate that her shoulder injury could have been the cause of her foul mood. The source adds, “She was in a lot of pain. She couldn’t even raise her hands properly. Later, Rishi Kapoor visited her during her practice sessions.” 

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