Why dead widow's kin want custody of her son

Sep 09, 2011, 07:17 IST | Vinay Dalvi

After neglecting her for years, late Kavita Sadarangani's relatives are thronging her home, fighting over custody of son, who has inherited Rs 4 cr

After neglecting her for years, late Kavita Sadarangani's relatives are thronging her home, fighting over custody of son, who has inherited Rs 4 cr

For the last five years, late 75-year-old Kavita Sadarangani, a retired bank employee, had been suffering the tribulations of an isolated existence, as she tended to her 35-year-old mentally challenged son Rajesh.

None of her relatives ever bothered to visit her, or even call her up to ask about their wellbeing. After her death last week, however, relatives have been thronging her apartment, and vying for custody of her son.

The Prabhadevi apartment is one of the flats that the
Sadarangani family is vying for, in addition to the
other properties

The reason for this sudden volte-face could have something to do with the fact that the deceased mother has left behind properties worth Rs 4 crore to her only son.

Negligent relatives
"After Sadarangani breathed her last on Sept 2, only one relative turned up, that too at late night.
Most of her relatives who stay within the city paid a visit only the next morning," said an officer from Dadar police station, adding, "It's hardly been ten days since her death, but her Dadar residence is teeming with relatives, all of whom appear eager to claim custody of Rajesh, so that they can lay claim to his property as well."

Sadarangani, a retired bank employee and a resident of Gnyaeshwar Apartment in Prabhadevi, was rushed to Sushrusha hospital by her neighbours on September 1, after she complained of chest pains, but died on the way. Sadarangani's husband died five years ago.

The family owns flats in Dadar, Prabhadevi and Pune, as well as a cyber cafe in Mahim. The deceased had fixed deposits, which amount to Rs 70 lakh. Cops have also recovered 500gm gold from her residence.

"Kavita used to work at the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) before her retirement. Her husband was the principal of a college in Ulhasnagar. They have been living in the residential society for the last 25 years.

After her husband's death, her relatives shunned her," confirmed S K Savla, secretary of Gnyaeshwar Apartment.
After her death, it was her neighbours who had taken her body to Sion hospital for a post-mortem.
"Her relatives reached very late. Kavita's relatives asked us to stay away from the last rites, claiming that they wanted to keep it a low-key affair.

We suspect that they do not want to inform her husband's relatives, as this may result in more claimants for the property," said a neighbour.

On Wednesday afternoon, we received a call from one of Kavita's relatives, who informed us of a huge altercation between them.

"When our officers reached the spot, they found Kavita's siblings fighting among each other over Rajesh's custody," said a police officer, adding, "We have maintained a diary entry of the matter, and have asked them to sort out the issues as soon as possible, or seek the arbitration of the court."

500gm gold
Rs 70 lakh in fixed deposits
Three flats in Dadar, Prabhadevi and Pune
One cyber cafe in Mahim

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