Why is Graeme Swann quiet now?

Jul 16, 2013, 01:18 IST | A Correspondent

His silence in the Stuart Broad incident may have been studied this time, but there was an instance last year when Graeme Swann 'wanted to kill' a Sri Lanka batsman Dilruwan Perera during a warm-up match in Colombo, Sri Lanka (March 15-17, 2012) for not walking.

England’s empathic win over a Board XI was blemished by ugly scenes in the centre of the pitch after Perera questioned skipper Andrew Strauss’ catch and simply refused to leave his crease. The umpires sided with Perera and allowed him to keep batting which angered the visitors even more.

Graeme Swann

‘Blatantly out’
According to www.cricbuzz.com, Swann is reported to have said, “It was very difficult to take because it was so blatantly out. Jimmy Anderson wasn’t very happy because he’d had a wicket robbed off him, Straussy was miffed that his integrity was questioned and I wanted to kill the batsman because he was cheating.

He was stood right next to me with a smug look on his face.  “The umpire was unsighted but the batsman stood there knowing 100% that he was out and chose to cheat in my view. “I think he then opened himself up to the level of abuse that was coming to him.

To be honest, I’m glad Straussy was there because I’m sure it would have gone further than that had we not had someone with a bit of intelligence and nous to calm things down. It was just cheating in my view but we live in an age where cheating is accepted. We may have got close to overstepping the mark but Straussy calmed it down very well.”

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