Why is Manish Paul not promoting his upcoming film 'Ranbanka'?

Oct 28, 2015, 15:01 IST | Anirban Das

Apparently, the funnyman Manish Paul seems to be in no mood to promote his upcoming film 'Ranbanka'; he did not even attend the trailer launch earlier this month

Manish Paul, who made his Bollwood debut with 'Mickey Virus' (2013), will be seen in an upcoming film titled 'Ranbanka'. However, the funnyman seems to be in no mood to promote the film; he did not even attend the trailer launch earlier this month.

Manish Paul
Manish Paul

Sources suggest the actor is unhappy with the way the film has turned out. "Manish feels an item song, which was incorporated in the film without his knowledge, could have been done away with. Moreover, a few scenes that were not discussed as part of the script were also included," informs a source close to the actor.

Manish Paul refused to comment on the matter while producer Ajay Yadav shares a different story about the actor washing his hands of the film. "Manish threw tantrums during the shoot. We had informed him about the song and he had liked it too. We wanted him to give us three days to shoot the item number and a few other scenes, but he said that he would be able to devote only six hours. So, we had to go ahead without him," says Yadav.

The producer also claims that he had signed an agreement in which Manish had pledged to give a fortnight to the promotions. "But now, he is not giving us even half an hour. He is not answering my calls. I don't know why he is doing it, but I think he does not want the film to release," he adds.

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