Why Jacqueline was signed for 'Kick'?

May 28, 2013, 08:31 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Could casting Jacqueline Fernandez be Sajid Nadiadwala's way of hitting out at Sajid Khan and company?

The casting of Jacqueline Fernandez opposite Salman Khan in Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick just got more curious. For the Sri Lankan it may be her big ticket to stardom, but B-Town tongues have been wagging about the reason behind the choice. The filmmaker seems to have been sort of inspired by the age-old adage -- the enemy of my enemy is my friend!

Sajid Nadiadwala

Sources state that this move is yet again missive directed to his rakhi sister Farah Khan and her hubby Shrish Kunder as well as her brother Sajid Khan. Kick, which is a remake of a South flick, was announced with Kunder as director. But later Nadiadwala decided to make it his directorial debut.

Farah Khan and Shrish Kunder

Says a source, “There is more than meets the eye in Nadiadwala’s decision to cast Jacqueline in his film. There has been speculation about Farah, Shirish and Sajid not exactly being on the same page for a while with Nadiadwala. Add to this the buzz about Sajid and Jacqueline parting ways.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Nadiadwala suddenly felt Jacqueline was the best bet for his film even though names like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were being tossed around for the role.”

Sajid Khan

Adds the source, “This is yet another instance of Nadiadwala hitting back at Farah and Sajid when things are down for them.”

The history
A few days after the release of Himmatwala, Nadiadwala announced that Sajid Khan would not direct the third outing of Housefull even though he had decided not to much earlier.

Farah had taken to her microblogging site to vent her ire. Farah had tweeted at that time, “Sometimes all u hav 2 do is wait 4 Karma 2 catch up with certain peop2le... coz Karma is a bitch... n sooner or later that bitch is coming 4 YOU!”

Earlier, Nadiadwala had proclaimed that her husband Shirish Kunder would not be directing Kick soon after Joker flopped last year even though he had decided not to do it earlier. Once again, he gave interviews saying that Sajid would not direct Housefull 3 -- right when Himmatwala had proved to be a dud.

Nadiadwala and Farah remained unavailable for comment. 

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