Why the man should bag this!

Jan 15, 2013, 01:11 IST | Ruchika Kher

For long, chic bags have been a women-centric obsession. Thankfully, stylish men can smile what with more attention to their likes. British designer Fabian Lintott tells us more

London-based Fabian Lintott, who has been an essential part of bags brand, Hidesign since 2006, believes in adding his quirky taste and attractive details to the designs, which personalises every single range. That is exactly how he has treated his new collection for the brand.

 Fabian Lintott
Fabian Lintott

“There are three to four main themes that inspired the new collection. The Great Gatsby and the 1920s — this has been inspired by the new Hollywood blockbuster due to be launched soon.

The opulence and the general excitement of the period have inspired the collection. The essence of Africa — this was also an inspirational starting point; I was inspired by their use of bold patterns and geometric forms, muted down for men’s wear.

Briefcase style bag, Rs 5,695

This provided the ideas behind the Kurt range with juxtaposition of our smooth sophisticated Soho leather with our rugged leather called Camel. Elements of Militaria and ’50s style also play their part in the collection,” says Lintott.

The designer, now in Puducherry, explains that when designing a range, it’s important to remember the customer’s needs and the look they aspire for. Practicality is also essential. “You can design the best man’s bag but with out the practicalities, it won’t satisfy your customer,” he informs.

A casual weekend sling bag designed by Fabian Lintott, Rs 5,595

Elaborating about the differences while designing for men and for women, he says that men tend to like muted styles that are not too outwardly outrageous, but are practical and stylish. Women prefer the glamour of bags and want these to be noticeable and colourful. “They want their bags to bring a statement to their outfit,” he points out.

Finally, when we asked Lintott about a major fashion faux pas among men in terms of bags, he reveals, “You have to be true to yourself. There are no strict no-nos. As long as you’re comfortable with your style, no one else matters. In Japan, for instance, men are happy to carry man bags and underarm bags, as well as the more commonly seen city and cross body bags. As long as you’re comfortable, go for it,” he assures.

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