Why James Bond fans in Mumbai love watching 007 on screen

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Why watch a man in a sharp suit beat up goons and seduce women, over and over? Mumbai Bond fans have the answer

The twenty-fourth James Bond film, Spectre, is the most expensive of all, made at an estimated $245 million. Never mind mixed reviews, or, the fact that some critics have called it the worst Bond film of all time, fans are dizzy with excitement to watch the world’s best known spy again.

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Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci in Spectre
Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci in Spectre

Cyrus Xerxes Gordon, 28, management professional

Favourite Bond: Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig is good too, with his poker face.
Bond babe: Eva Green in Casino Royale, for her mix of intelligence and wit.  
Lovin’ it baby: The car chases and action give me a high. I also love the suits and gadgets.

Gurudutt Kamath, 57, French translator

Favourite Bond: Pierce Brosnan.
Bond babe: Moneypenny. The flirting between Bond and Moneypenny was interesting.
Lovin’ it baby: Humour and the quips. The gadgets are fun. I will wear a faux turtle-neck Bond T-shirt when I catch the film.

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Ivana Pereira, 19, Fashion design student

Favourite Bond: Daniel Craig. Great body; I love the scenes where he takes off his shirt.
Bond babe: Famke Janssen who played Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye. Looked very sexy in black gown.
Lovin’ it baby: Style and sexiness. Love watching Daniel Craig and the women around him.

Renshaw D’souza, 23, Merchant Navy cadet

Favourite Bond: Daniel Craig. He has brought a new personality to the character. More realistic compared to Pierce Brosnan.
Bond babe: Eva Green.  She could play the sexy siren and the action babe.  
Lovin’ it baby: A true action film in Hollywood is personified by this franchise.

Yvonne Correa, 40, Homemaker

Favourite Bond: Roger Moore for his blue eyes, his killer smile and sexy voice.
Bond babe: Too busy ogling at Bond, so have not noticed the girls.
Lovin’ it baby: The mix of action and romance. Hi-octane twists and turns get my adrenalin pumping.

Altaf Ladiwala, 47, Businessman

Favourite Bond: Roger Moore. He had mischief dancing in his eyes.  
Bond babe: Ursula Andress. She had a sexy figure that could upset any man.
Lovin’ it baby:  Bond movies have that certain magic and charisma to offer you instant nirvana at Rs 250 a ticket.

Men holding the Martini

Sean Connery
He brought ruthless charm with his dimple, which some cheekily say, is as deep as a Mumbai pothole. He immortalised the  “shaken not stirred” line.

Sean Connery

>> 1962: Dr No
>> 1963: From Russia With Love
>> 1964: Goldfinger
>> 1965:  Thunderball
>> 1967: You Only Live Twice
>> 1971: Diamonds Are Forever
>> 1983: Never Say Never Again

He gets: 8/10

George Lazenby
This Australian once sold cars for a living. Lazenby has actually said that the film was a big mistake. The audience thought he was a mistake too and maybe, he could have  continued with that car selling job, as the Internet ratings show. He was the worst Bond Ever. Hmmm... 007... so really heaven.

George Lazenby

>> 1969: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

He gets: 5/10

Roger Moore
As sharp as a Saville Row suit, Moore  said his two former wives battered him. He was hit with a teapot, and, later whacked with a guitar on the head. 

Roger Moore

>> 1973: Live and Let Die
>> 1974: The Man With The Golden Gun
>> 1977: The Spy Who Loved Me
>> 1979: Moonraker
>> 1981: For Your Eyes Only
>> 1983: Octopussy
>> 1985: A View To A Kill

He gets: 7/10

Timothy Dalton
After Moore’s smoothness, Timothy Dalton’s rugged allure was a contrast. Fans of the car, Aston Martin (with skis on wheels), outnumbered Dalton’s fans.

Timothy Dalton

>> 1987: The Living Daylights
>> 1989:  License to Kill

He gets: 6/10

Pierce Brosnan
He wore a dinner jacket with debonair flair. Yet, when the creases on his face outnumbered those on his tuxedo, he knew his ‘license to kill’ had expired. He is Pierce-ly fierce-ly missed.     

Pierce Brosnan
>> 1995: Golden Eye
>> 1997: Tomorrow Never Dies
>> 1999: The World Is Not Enough
>> 2002: Die Another Day

He gets: 8.5/10

Daniel Craig
With a body like that, Craig has been honest enough to say that he is done playing Bond. The point  though is, has the audience had enough of him?

Daniel Craig
>> 2006: Casino Royale
>> 2008: Quantum of Solace   
>> 2012: Skyfall
>> 2015: Spectre

He gets: 7.5/10

First Published: 20 November, 2015 12:00 IST

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