Why the food at Bandra cafe Bungalow 9 is a disappointment

Aug 21, 2013, 09:51 IST | The Guide Team

As Bungalow 9 trumpets its Cafe B9 avatar, for hungry shoppers and meandering venturers in the ever-happening Bandra; we found it was just a flash in the pan

When a little birdie told us that Bungalow 9, known for the quality of its offerings, has been masquerading as Cafe B9 with a new menu between 11 am to 7 pm, we could hardly resist. When we visited the expansive, canopied bungalow, it was cool and grooving to Bob Marley numbers, evoking an azure sea and a lulling breeze while we shook off the blaring horns around us. Glancing at the menu, we were told by the manager that the prices differed for the cafe menu, as compared to their regular a la carte prices.

Chicken Jalapeno Pizza hardly impressed any of us

As we had to head to work soon, we skimmed through an array of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and mains. We zeroed in on a Cafe B9 Veggie Delite (Rs 285), a Smoked Chicken Onion and Jalapeno Pizza (Rs 300) and a main course of Crunchy Shrimp with Red Remoulade Sauce (Rs 450).

After waiting for 40 minutes and travelling for another 40 minutes to reach office, our grouchy minds desired a treat. The Veggie Delite Sandwich (they could have surely thought of another name) was loaded with fresh, crunchy vegetables that included peppers and zucchini. Also, for those counting their calories, it was seasoned with the right quantity of herbed sauce and the oats-crusted bread worked for us quite well. However, it was the price that bothered us. We could buy a baguette sandwich at the food chain known for it, at half the price.

The crispy shrimps were unpalatable

The Smoked Chicken Onion and Jalapeno Pizza was a measly 8-inch in size, good for just one person. It can do for a light working lunch. It came thin-crusted and fired in the wood oven, which can be spotted as soon as you enter the place. However, we were disappointed that the folks in the kitchen weren’t generous, especially with the toppings. And by the by, packing a pizza in a cake box, really?

Sub (above) was too dear. Pics/ Hassan M Kamal

Our ultimate hopes, pinned on to the shrimp, dashed as well. It seemed more like a starter than a main course, as the menu stated. Served with French fries and accompaniments of a pesto-infused and a mayonnaise black peppered dip, the plate contained many colours. The brown chunks of shrimp, deep-fried in an overwhelming and salty batter, tasted anything but shrimp-like. Disappointed with the loss of taste in such a short while, the spacious Bungalow 9, known for good times, left us hungering for a gratifying grub and a wallet very sore.

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