Why these Bollywood stars don't mind being single

Updated: Feb 17, 2015, 09:52 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Valentine's Day is over but the fever goes on. If you suffered from the blues because you're single, don't fret. We have some Bollywood celebs sharing insights on why being single rocks

Flowers, chocolates, candle-light dinners and hopefully solitaires, Valentine's Day has become an occasion filled with great excitement and sense of celebration. It is a particularly gala time for couples, who do a lot of advance planning about what to gift, where to dine and how to dress for that 'special day'.

In such a situation, it's not unusual for singles to feel down and depressed. However, being single is not as bad as it seems. If, you don't believe us, we have some single B-Town celebs to vouch for it. And that's not all. We also have them dole out tips on how to make your Valentine weekend a truly exciting and a fun-filled one.

Varun Dhawan, actor
Varun Dhawan
Being single is a lot of fun. One can always enjoy oneself as long as it does not hurt anyone.
Tip: I would tell every single guy to have fun, flirt and enjoy life to the fullest. After all, we live only once.

Nimrat Kaur, actor
Nimrat Kaur
I feel it rocks to be single — you don't take yourself for granted. I find that very sexy as you celebrate yourself a lot more. Also, it's easier to re-invent and explore yourself when you are single.
Tip: Though I am single, I never felt the blues on Valentine's Day. I am always excited about it. I feel that singles shouldn't drown themselves in self-pity. Instead, they should try and do something special for their loved ones. Love need not only be for a partner, it can be for a mentor or friend too.

Amy Jackson, actor
Amy Jackson, actor
Being a strong, independent single woman on Valentine's Day is actually super sexy. You are confident enough to stand on your own two feet and love yourself. Raise a toast to girl power!
Tip: Plan a weekend movie and dinner date, but do it with a twist. Invite your gal pals over and make your own personalised cocktails and nibbles and then head out for the infamous 50 Shades of Grey movie.

Neha Dhupia, actor
Neha Dhupia
I feel being single is awesome. Your time is 100 per cent yours. Plus, you can have loads of friends and go on as many dates as you want. I am not advocating promiscuity, but I know people who are in relationships yet behave like they're single. At least, as a single person, you're true to yourself. And that's a nice feeling.
Tip: Nothing lifts up your mood more than some fine wine, a great meal and company of good friends and family. You don't need to be in a relationship for this. So, head out for a nice dinner or brunch.

Sarah Jane Dias, actor
Sarah Jane Dias
Single people have more freedom as compared to those who are dating. This allows them to make plans for themselves instead of two people.
Tip: Go on a holiday on your own and discover yourself!

Kriti Sanon, actor
Kriti Sanon
I think it's amazing to be single. It allows you to focus on yourself and do things what you have always wanted to, be it read, travel or paint. It means a lot more 'me time'. You can catch up with your old friends, have sleepovers with your girlfriends and go anywhere anytime.
Tip: I think Valentine's Day is just about celebrating love. Go out with your closest friends or family. Pamper yourself with a nice meal and spa treatment. Make sure your near and dear ones have a great time. It will make you truly happy.

Swara Bhaskar, actor
Swara Bhaskar
I would tell every single person not to feel sad over Valentine's Day. It is a day that we designed to make couples feel wonderful and singles wistful! Singles can always do some fun things to raise their spirits.
Tip: Organise a reunion with your school or college buddies. If there's anything that can beat romance it is old friendships and memories of childhood bonhomie. I am sure there are some singles lurking among old friends too. You can also celebrate your single status with a fun bash that has flirtatious games that singles can play without feeling guilty. Couples can join the party only if they bring a single friend with them. You can also encourage your mom and dad to celebrate V-Day in their own manner.

Esha Gupta, actor
Esha Gupta
God loves those who love themselves, so we should make it an occasion for us.
Tip: I think people should treat themselves to a good spa treatment. An excellent massage is the perfect antidote to many blues. A nice dinner with other single friends is fun too.

Mohit Marwah, actor
Mohit Marwah
The best thing about being single is perhaps the fact that you are not answerable to anyone. You do what you wish all the time.
Tip: Guys who are single can join their buddies for a film or a nightout at a sports bar. When I was in college, I remember getting together with my
other single friends and teasing those guys whose girls were giving them a hard time (no pun intended).

Prachi Desai, actor
Prachi Desai
Being single can be very liberating. You don't have to worry about breakup pains. Moreover, you can watch all the romantic films you want to without someone commenting. And you can wear what you want.
Tip: Just think how lucky you are to be able to spend some quality alone time as opposed to fussing over your partner. So, go ahead and pamper yourself.

Rana Daggubati, actor
Rana Daggubati
The word 'single' and its association is always a merry one. It's because you are not really responsible or pulled up by someone else. That's a great feeling to have.
Tip: Trust me, singles are there in this world for a reason. And it's a great space to be in.

Elli Avram, actor
Elli Avram
Being single is one of the most underrated pleasures of life. It gives you time to reconnect with yourself and do all the things you love.
Tip: Just spend your weekend doing something that you enjoy the most. You will feel great.

Mugdha Godse, actor
Mugdha Godse
You find love when you're ready for it. It is great to be in love, but it's lovely being single as well. You need not rack you brains on what to gift and you can be happy in your own space.
Tip: There is nothing better than having a quiet day to rejuvenate. So, don't fret.

Kanika Kapoor, singer
Kanika Kapoor
Being single is very cool as you have all the independence you want. You are free to lead your life in your own way. It's a beautiful feeling. Also, as a single person you can look forward to finding love, which is pretty thrilling.
Tip: I feel people should be happy irrespective of whether they're single or in a relationship. It's a state of mind, after all.

Zareen Khan, actor
Zareen Khan
It's great to be in love, but at times it's good to be single and be your own boss. Being single is great as you are not answerable to anyone. It's great not to live by V-Day rules.
Tip: It's nice to only think of oneself while shopping and spend time with family.

Mika, singer
I feel that being single allows me to concentrate solely on my work, which is pretty crucial in an industry like ours. Also, it lets me lead my life the way I want to. The best part of being single is that I can entertain other couples on Valentine's Day. This would not be possible if I had a girlfriend.
Tip: A single guy can use Valentine's Day or the weekend as an opportunity to strike up a friendship with a girl. I would tell every guy to commit to a girl only if he is serious about her.  


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