Why this new Andheri eatery is a must-visit

Jun 15, 2014, 09:56 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Grungy elements amid classy and chic interiors, finger-licking food and an outdoor area that reminds one of al-fresco European cafes -- Brickhouse Cafe & Bar in Andheri is a place you must visit soon

Journalists are always curious. So when we noticed a signboard declaring ‘Brickhouse Cafe & Bar opening soon’ in Andheri, we were intrigued. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long as the eatery opened its doors to the public yesterday.

The Epic Burger comes with a beef patty smeared with Jack Daniel’s sauce at Brickhouse Café & Bar. pics/nimesh dave
The Epic Burger comes with a beef patty smeared with Jack Daniel’s sauce at Brickhouse Café & Bar. Pics/Nimesh Dave 

Unfinished brick walls, industrial bulbs hanging from the ceiling and high stools with pipes for its legs – the industrial feel was evident everywhere, with even the waiters dressed in factory jumpsuits and boots. We seated ourselves on one of the black and yellow chairs that lent the place a cheerful look and took a look at the menu.

Brickhouse Cafe & Bar in Andheri

From the cocktail options, we chose the Spiced Maiden (Rs 400), a yummy concoction of whiskey, baileys, raspberry puree and cream. All’s well that starts well, we always say. The Candy Floss Cocktail (Rs 450) took shape right in front of us. Pink-coloured candy floss was placed in a glass and the waiter poured light rum, lemon juice and raspberry-flavoured gomme on top, and like magic, the candy melted and turned into a flavoursome drink right before our eyes. The magic continued with Dutch Kettle (Rs 450), a gin, lychee liqueur and pomegranate juice sour mix. A bubbling jar of basil and orange peel was produced and our drink was dry smoked with it. One sip was all it took for us to gather that this would become our poison.

Brickhouse Cafe & Bar in Andheri
Dutch Kettle is a drink with gin, lychee liqueur and pomegranate juice sour mix

When it came to food, we ordered the Bruschetta (Rs 215) first, as we figured that if a cafe makes its bruschettas well, it speaks volumes about the rest. The grilled baguettes topped with garlic, tomato and vinegar was heady in terms of its flavours. Now, we were ready for more. And this kind of hunger called for the Epic Burger (Rs 350), a beef patty smeared with Jack Daniel’s sauce and crispy onion rings on a bun. Conversations halted as we dug into the juicy patties and chomped away happily. Soon, there was nothing left on the table. Another healthy sign for any eatery.

And we’re glad this one’s in our neighbourhood.

Brickhouse Café & Bar
Food: Appetising 
Service: Friendly
Price: Rs 1,800 for two
At: Green Field Apartment, End of Lokhandwala Market, Andheri West
Call: 26364403

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