Why was Evelyn Sharma forced to call off a party in her Dubai hotel room?

Jan 26, 2015, 15:25 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Evelyn Sharma was forced to call off a party in her hotel room in Dubai as the hotel staff objected to it as it was against the management's rules

Recently in Dubai to attend a function, Evelyn Sharma decided to host a party in her hotel suite and invited nearly a dozen friends over. However, when the hotel staff got wind of the li'l get-together, they warned the starlet to call it off as it was against the management's rules. Apparently, what followed was a long argument but eventually, Evelyn had to relent.

Evelyn Sharma
Evelyn Sharma

A source says, "Evelyn had gone to Dubai for an appearance and her friends were accompanying her. After the event got over, she threw an impromptu party and called around 10 people to the hotel where she had put up. Seeing so many guests walking into her suite, the staff told her it was against the hotel rules to have so many people in one room."

The actress is said to have refused to comply and created a scene. The source adds: "The situation was about to get out of hand as Evelyn wasn't willing to heed their warnings. Finally, the manager intervened and had the party called off. He also apologised to Evelyn when she claimed that one of the staff members was rude to her."

Evelyn confirms the report, saying, "We had to wind up early since the manager humbly requested and I didn't want his job to be at stake."

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