Wi-Fi connection for MU boys' hostels

Oct 01, 2013, 01:36 IST | Kranti Vibhute

The WiFi promise made by the University of Mumbai to students living at the Jagannath Sunkarsheth Hall (JSH) and International Students (IS) hostels in Churchgate would probably come true this year, according to a hostel warden and director of the Institute of Distance Open Learning (IDOL), D Harichandan.

 It was declared last year on February 10 during hostel day by the varsity’s vice-chancellor that boys’ hostels JSH and IS would soon be fitted out with Wi-Fi connections, benefitting some 320 students.

Tech-savvy: The Churchgate hostels will get Wi-Fi connectivity soon

Gopal Ozalwar, an LLM student at the University and resident of JSH, said, “I spend around Rs 500 per month on Internet connection. It would be good if we are provided a Wi-Fi by the University.”

Another JSH resident Bhavesh Tahalramani, a student of JJ College of Architecture, said, “I am staying at JSH for the past three years. It was declared last year on Hostel Day that Wi-Fi connection would be provided to hostel students. Till now only the installation of machinery has been done. We hope the connections would be operational this year. It would benefit all students, since we end up paying Rs 500 to Rs 700 for the internet in a month.”

Harichandan, warden of JSH hostel and director of IDOL, said, “We are soon going to give Wi-fi connection to IS and JSH hostels. This would benefit students a lot as they spend considerably on internet connections.”

Mohan Kumar, warden of IS hostel and co-ordinator of University Computer Centre, said, “The IS hostel is a 12-storey structure with 95 rooms and each floor would have Wi-Fi. The three hostels at Kalina campus, one for boys and two for girls, were given Wi-Fi connection. The connectivity for the Churchgate hostels will start in a few days. Students have been given a contact number and provided with a password soon.”

>> 120: No of students in IS hostel
>> 200: No of students in JSH hostel 

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