Wicked Vivek

Apr 11, 2012, 07:34 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

We have seen Vivek Oberoi as a cute lover boy in Saathiya as well as a underworld gangster in Company.

The actor, who is now gearing up to play a wicked yet loveable young man in an upcoming film tells CS about his mischievous side:

Who: Vivek Oberoi
What: Talks about his mischievous side

Dennis The Menace
I was a really naughty kid. In fact, all the Juhu neighbourhood aunties had nicknamed me Dennis The Menace. In school, I had this wonderful Parsi teacher named Daisy Ma’m. At times, I would sneak into the staffroom and steal her lunch box. I would slip in a cockroach after finishing her meal. I also played pranks with other teachers. They used to get furious, but would forgive me as I did well in studies, sports, projects, science exhibitions. So, my mischief would be overlooked.

Tuck party tales
During my schooling at Mayo College, Ajmer, we had a concept of tuck parties in the dorm, where we ate chocolates, cookies, chips, etc after the general dinner got over. This guy in my dorm used to eat from our share but never gave us his stuff. He would get these amazing chocolates, munchies, etc from London that he kept locked in his drawer. I made a duplicate key and took out all his goodies. Later, I threw a tuck party on the boarding house terrace and distributed the munchies amongst other boys. He was invited too. He was livid when he realised that he was enjoying his own sweets. I told him that it was a lesson for his freeloading.

Hair and there
During my hostel days, this guy from Kota would always borrow my shampoo, shirts and a lot of my personal items. I didn’t like it. Once, he asked me the secret behind my silky hair. I told him that I used a special leave-in conditioner. When he asked for that too, I gave him a hair-removing cream. The next day while taking a shower, he saw clumps of hair coming off. Finally, he had to shave his head.

Pranks on Priyanka
I keep playing pranks on my wife, Priyanka. Recently, I was supposed to return home on a particular day, but I called her and said I would have to stay back in Delhi, where I was shooting. She was very upset as I had been out of home for the past few months and she was looking forward to seeing me. I informed everyone else at home to be ready with Priyanka’s favourite flowers and cake and boarded a flight. I then popped into her room and surprised her.

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