Wicketkeepers must wear helmets against spinners: Saba Karim

Jul 10, 2012, 07:44 IST | Bipin Dani

Saba Karim knows what he's talking about when he says wicketkeepers must wear helmets while facing spinners.

Karim was hit below his right eye by a rising delivery from leg-spinner Anil Kumble while keeping wicket during India’s opening match against Bangladesh in the 2000 Asia Cup. “Was Boucher not wearing a helmet,” was 45-year-old Karim’s first question when informed about the South African wicketkeeper’s injury.

Ex-India stumper Saba Karim

“It was uncommon in those days for wicketkeepers to wear helmets. Perhaps, after my incident, they started using helmets,” Karim said. Boucher was injured while standing up to leg-spinner Imran Tahir in a two-day tour match against Somerset. “Since surgery is being performed immediately, the injury appears serious. In my case, surgery was not done immediately. My macula was injured. Hope this does not happen to Boucher,” said Karim. 

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