Wife-killer dies in hospital 5 days after suicide bid

Oct 09, 2012, 07:05 IST | Shiva Devnath

Man tried to hang himself in lockup on October 3 using his trousers; succumbed at Cooper Hospital yesterday

Driven by guilt after murdering his 30-year-old wife last month, a man attempted suicide by hanging himself in the lockup at Andheri on October 3 and died yesterday in Cooper Hospital where he was admitted, cops said.

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The Amboli police arrested Suresh Arouthar (32) for killing his wife Meera on September 25 at their home after a domestic tiff. While in custody, he used his trousers to hang himself from the bars on the lockup window. Another criminal in the lockup raised the alarm and the police rushed in and took Suresh to the hospital, where he was being treated. He however succumbed yesterday to injuries sustained during his suicide bid.

According to the Amboli police, the accused suspected Meera of having an extramarital affair and the couple constantly fought over the matter. On September 25, Suresh returned home in an inebriated condition and started a fight, following which he allegedly strangled Meera. The accused later took her to hospital, claiming that she fell of the staircase. Noticing marks on her throat, doctors informed the police and the accused was arrested.

The Andheri police said that after the accused tried to take his own life in the lockup, they also registered a case of attempted suicide against him.
The Crime Branch has been tasked with the investigation regarding the suicide. The police said that it is a clear case and there seems to be no foul play involved.

The accused worked as a sweeper and stayed in Amboli slums with Meera and their two daughters aged eight and four, who are presently staying with relatives. 

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