Wife of NBA star Stephen Curry livid over dad's near-arrest

Jun 19, 2016, 10:10 IST | AFP

Ayesha says security mistook father for a con artist at basketball Finals

Los Angeles: Stephen Curry's father-in-law was nearly arrested ahead of Golden State Warriors' ill-tempered defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday in Game Six of the NBA Finals, in what the player's wife decried as a case of racial profiling.

Stephen Curry with wife Ayesha. Pic/Ayesha's Instagram account
Stephen Curry with wife Ayesha. Pic/Ayesha's Instagram account

Curry's wife Ayesha said her father was detained in Cleveland in the mistaken belief he was a well-known con artist who was thought to be attempting to attend the game using bogus accreditation.

"Police racial profiled my father and told him to remove credentials and tried to arrest him. It's been a long night for me. I apologise," she wrote on Twitter. "I'm okay that we lost... I just can't take people coming at my family for absolutely no reason. It's something I don't understand and stand for."

Ayesha had earlier suggested Cleveland staff deliberately delayed the entry of friends and family of Warriors players entering the stadium. "Ten mins til game time and the whole teams families are sitting here on a bus. They won't let us in yet. Interesting tactic though. Again," she posted.

The incidents deepened the sense of rancor surrounding Thursday's game, which the Cavaliers won 115-101 to level the series at 3-3, setting up a decisive final Game Seven on Sunday in Oakland.

Curry meanwhile described the incident as "traumatic."

"They kind of profiled my father-in-law and thought he was him. They threatened to arrest him before they checked out his credentials. That was kind of a traumatic situation where her (Ayesha's) dad almost got arrested," he said.

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