Will injured Shah Rukh Khan need a knee surgery?

Jan 26, 2014, 08:31 IST | Bharati Dubey

The star's medical team is concerned about his troublesome knee that was badly bruised during the freak accident earlier this week. His doctor wants SRK to rest for at least two weeks, doesn't rule out knee surgery

Actor Shah Rukh Khan will not be able to shoot for his film Happy New Year for at least the next two weeks. On Saturday, the actor’s doctor Sanjay Desai told Sunday Mid Day, “I have told him very clearly that he has no choice but to rest at home for at least two weeks. More than his shoulder it is his knee that is a matter of serious concern. I have spoken to the film’s director Farah Khan about his condition and she has agreed to postpone the shooting schedule.”

Shah Rukh Khan
Last year, actor Shah Rukh Khan underwent a shoulder surgery. File Pic

Shah Rukh met with a freak accident on the sets of Happy New Year earlier this week, when a door of the hotel room fell on him as he was shooting one of the scenes. Sources close to the actor said there were couple of retakes of a particular scene where he had to open the door.

Apparently the hinges of the door were loose and it suddenly came off and crashed on him. He fell on the floor and was lying down for a few minutes after which he himself got up and asked for ice. He was rushed to Nanavati Hospital where all the tests, including an MRI and a CT scan, were done. He was then taken for physiotherapy.

Dr Desai said, “I had seen the test results right then. The MRI shows a large bruise on the right shoulder. This was the same shoulder that was operated upon earlier. But luckily for him there was no major harm done.”

But even as Shah Rukh has started his physiotherapy sessions, doctors are concerned about his knee, which seems to have been affected rather badly as a result of the fall. Dr Desai said, “I am worried about his knee as there is a bone contusion (deep bruise that affects bone tissue). I will be seeing him next week to re-evaluate the condition.”

Would SRK require any further surgery in that case? “Not for his shoulder that is for sure. But as far as his knee is concerned, I will be able to decide only after I evaluate the situation next week,” he said.

Injury prone

Shah Rukh Khan has been rather injury prone and has undergone multiple surgeries. In December 2001, while shooting an action sequence for Shakti-The Power, the actor suffered a back injury. He was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc. He tried alternate therapy and continued to shoot for Devdas and Chalte Chalte. But in 2003 just before the shooting of Kal Ho Naa Ho, Shah Rukh underwent a back surgery. He later had an accident on the sets of Dulha Mil Gaya while shooting an action scene. In 2009, he had to undergo a surgery of the left shoulder as its rotator cuff muscle was torn. In 2013, Shah Rukh underwent a similar surgery on the right shoulder.

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