Will love to make 'Bombay Talkies' sequel: Karan Johar

Mar 14, 2013, 06:51 IST | PTI

Filmmaker Karan Johar says he would be more than happy to come up with a sequel to 'Bombay Talkies', a short film based on the centenary of Indian cinema, which is currently under production

'Bombay Talkies' is a collection of short films to celebrate hundred years of Indian cinema, with four directors, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibaker Banerjee and Karan Johar working on their respective creation. 

Karan Johar

"It is our love for cinema that has made all four of us make 'Bombay Talkies'. We are coming together to resonate the celebration of cinema," Karan said. He was speaking at a panel discussion on '100 years of Cinema and beyond' at FICCI Frames here.

"I would love to make a sequel to 'Bombay Talkies'. I hope we all come together to make yet another film may be after some years...to do it all this over again," he said. About the film, Karan said, "Dibakar's film will have angst, Zoya will have something on creative freedom, Anurag will show madness and insanity and I will have music and emotional aspect".

Anurag, known for his penchant for off-beat films, candidly said that he was quite scared to be part of the project. "I was the first one to sign myself and I was scared. My film is about when you come to Bombay for first time and how people wait outside their houses," Anurag said. On her part, Zoya said, "I agreed to do it on a condition that I will be allowed to make what I want to...which I have done".

Dibakar said he would be making an emotional film. "I want to make out and out emotional film....it is a tear jerker. I wanted to include regional flavor so it has use of Marathi language in it," he added.

'Bombay Talkies' will be released on May 3, marking 100 years of Indian cinema that began a humble beginning with "Raja Harishchandra", the first full-length feature film, unveiled to audience on on May 3, 1913. 

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