Will Priyanka Chopra work with Prakash Jaju?

May 11, 2013, 06:01 IST | The Hitlist Team

Priyanka Chopra approached for a film in which her ex-manager and 'foe' Prakash Jaju is the project designer

Nearly nine years ago, Priyanka Chopra and her then manager Prakash Jaju had a fall-out when she terminated his contract with her. Jaju then went on to make several allegations against her saying that how she was unprofessional and owed him Rs 67 lakh.

Priyanka Chopra

Both Jaju and Chopra then filed a series of cases against each other. However, now if things fall into place then the duo will be seen working together in Firoz Nadiadwala’s Welcome 2 which stars John Abraham in the lead. 

A source says, “Jaju is the project designer for the film and the makers are currently in talks with Priyanka for the film. If she gives her nod, then she will end up working with Prakash. It would be interesting to see if PC actually takes on the offer.” Jaju maintains, “They can be in talks with Priyanka and if she accepts the film then I don’t have any issues working with her again.”

The History
In 2004, Priyanka Chopra informed Prakash Jaju about his termination which did not go down well with him. He then claimed that according to their contract, he was supposed to serve a six months notice and that she owed him money. He also claimed that her father Ashok Chopra was behind all this as he wanted to manage her work and insulted him by sending out messages to each and everyone in the industry.

Prakash Jaju
Prakash Jaju

Jaju also threatened to expose her by saying that how the actress used to talk for hours to her former flame, Harman Baweja. He then filed a complaint against her for not following the contract and after two years said that he has been getting threatening calls from Chhota Shakeel on behalf of Priyanka.

Finally the actress filed harassment case against him after receiving obscene messages and interfering in her personal life. He was then arrested for brief period. Incidentally, in 2010 Priyanka’s cousin Meera who is all set to make her debut hired him to manage her work. 

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