Will 'Shoebite' finally see the light of day?

Mar 07, 2013, 08:41 IST | Jigar Shah

With M Night Shyamalan's new Hollywood version apparently on the roll, Shoojit Sircar's long-pending film on the same script could finally see a release

This one is a royal soup! Shoojit Sircar’s film Shoebite has been lying in a can since the past four years, thanks to the writer of the script, Hollywood director M Night Shyamalan. After Shyamalan goofed up with his film deal with a Hollywood studio for the same script, Shoojit had no choice but to wait in the sidelines for the foreign production house to complete the film first.

Shoojit Sircar

However, buzz is that now the Hollywood version of Shyamalan’s script is finally going on the floors. Sources say it could clear the way for Shoojit finally being able to release his own film in India.

A source says, “Shoojit made Shoebite back in 2008 with Amitabh Bachchan, based on Shyamalan’s script titled Labour of Love. Problems arose when Hollywood studio, who had also bought the rights of the script, came to know about this deal. They raised an objection and stated Shoojit could release his film only after they released theirs.” It led Shoojit’s project to be indefinitely postponed.
An aide from Hollywood tells us that the production house has finally shown some movement on its project.

An insider says, “Denzil Washington will star as the lead actor and Shyamalan will direct the film.”

Shoojit however refuses to jump the gun about the fate of his film and states, “Even I have heard that the film is underway in the US but I have no way of confirming it right now.”

So is there hope about his project? The director quips, “I don’t think I’m the right person to answer that. I don’t think there is any harm when two films release in US and in India, given that the producers are aware of it.”

Shoojit however feels that since any project requires immense contributions from the film’s cast and crew, every film deserves to get a release.

However, a spokesperson from the Hollywood studio says, “We don’t have the film on our official slate this year but if Shyamalan is working on it, it would be great!” 

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